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Tuesday So Far.

August 26, 2014

More often than not, I have days where I find that I have an hour here or there to kill between work or appointments.  Today is one of those days and I made sure to plan ahead and bring my laptop with me to get some work done…..and write a post or two!

My day started early as usual.  I have really been digging my egg/egg whites scrambles chock full of bell peppers, onions, and spinach.  I almost got a picture of it today but in all honesty, it tastes WAY better than it looks.  So, you’re just going to have to use your imagination on this one — but trust me, it is a winner!

I had a 5am client this morning and after we were done, I got in some good treadmill time. I did this here circuit:


I had every intention of really pushing my sprint speeds but my legs – more specifically, my calves – were not having it.  Here’s to listening to your body, right?

After a quick bird bath (you know, stand in front of the sink and clean the important bits) I trained another client and then taught my 7am Cross Training class.  After a quick cardio and Tabata warm up, they did a 12 Days of Christmas workout:


Everyone managed to finish in the allotted time and were smiling and sweaty by the time they were done!  I really look forward to this class every week — it is a great group of regulars that really work hard and encourage each other along the way.  I sure cannot complain about that.

After class, I headed out to get the rest of my workout done for the day….CrossFit!

It was a very small class today so we got some extra attention while working on front squats (my nemesis) and then into the 12 minute AMRAP which included Renegade Rows, Box Jumps (20 of them!! who thought that was a good idea), and a 200 Meter Run.

I managed to complete 4 full rounds + 7 reps.

The best part of the workout was knowing that as soon as I was done, I was going to be able to sit myself down at one of my favorite coffee spots and enjoy a very tasty, very comforting Americano out of a mug:



So here I sit, in all my sweaty-glory, getting some computer stuff done and waiting until I am off to a much needed chiropractor appointment.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Say What!!??

August 23, 2014

Lookey what I stumbled across while browsing through JC Penney the other day:


I didn’t know whether I should buy one or sue!  I ended up doing neither, but now that I am looking at it again, I’m thinking I am going to go back and buy it.

So much for protecting my “brand” — what can I say, I am a sucker for fun workout tanks!



Back To Blogging

August 19, 2014

Hey guys, remember me?

IMG_4006(I’m the one in the front seat)

It feels like it has been forever since I stopped by to write and share….oh wait, it has been forever.  A few weeks of busy-ness and hectic traveling turned into a 2 month hiatus from this blog.  For a while there, I had so much to share about where I was, what I was doing, and all that I was seeing that it seemed I would never be able to sit down and get it all posted.

The longer I put it off, the more and more build up of information (from the mundane to the hopefully insightful) began to weigh on my mind.  I would go to start a post and would be so overwhelmed with what I felt I had to write that I would feel stuck, unable to start with a single word.  So I would put it off for another day, followed by another day, and yet another after that.

There was a brief time that I considered stopping all together.  I thought that maybe this unintentional break from blogging was a sign that it was time to close up shop.  Here I am, 2 years into my blog and I wasn’t sure where I was going with it, what I wanted from it, and if it was worth the – albeit small – added stress it can sometimes add to my life.

But then a funny thing happened.  I started to miss it, started to think about writing as a want rather than a have-to.  I set aside that ever increasing list of things I felt I had to write about and I feel as if I am starting anew.  While I may share a few things that have been going on these past two months, I no longer feel that it is necessary to share every.last.minute.detail.

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

So, coming soon to a blog near you:

– workouts and more workouts

– Advocare 24 Day Challenge

– Hiking adventures in Alaska

– A few awesome days in Seattle

– Color Run 2014

– 1 Year Wedding Anniversary


Check back in, I am here for the long-haul!!



Workouts, Texas Style

June 4, 2014

Hey pals and gals,

Long time no see, I know.  Joe and I have been in Texas since Memorial Day visiting family and friends.

It has been a much needed break from the day-to-day — not to mention all the sleeping in I have been doing!

On the food front, things haven’t been all that great.  Too much indulgence and ‘so what’ attitude and not enough discipline and sticking to what I know works best for me and my goals.

Ugh! Traveling, my worst enemy.

At the very least, I have been able to get some sort of a workout in every day and it sure has helped me maintain some sort of semblance of my usual routine.  Here is what I have done so far:

Day 1: Interval sprints on the hotel treadmill

– We spent our first night in Houston at the Magnolia Hotel.  This hotel is pretty damn awesome! Though we missed the free booze at happy hour, we did arrive in time for the free milk and cookies:


And spent some time taking in the view at the rooftop pool:



And if that wasn’t cool enough, this hotel just happened (seriously, a total coincidence) to be right across the street from the church that my family and I used to attend when we lived in Houston…did I mention I was born in Houston?


Day 2: Woke up early to hit the treadmill again before we checked out of the hotel.  I did a variety of incline walking, sprints, and steady-state running.  Just an all around sweaty good time!

Day 3: Joe and I did a drop in at CrossFit Centex.

– After Houston, we headed out to Temple, TX where Joe’s brother and his wife have recently moved.  After a brief Google search, I found CrossFit Centex which was only about 15 minutes away.  We warmed up with some running, kip swings, ball slams, and air squats and then did Push Press for strength work.  The WOD was fairly basic:

5 Rounds:

10 burpess

20 wall balls

10 toes to bar

and on any normal day, I think this workout would have been a breeze but, let me tell you, it sure as hell was not.  I am realizing, now, how spoiled I am living in Alaska.  Yes, most days I complain until I am blue in the face about how cold Alaska is but I would take a CrossFit WOD in Alaska over one in Texas any day!  It had to have been 90 degrees outside and with no air conditioning and the bay doors wide open, I was dying after the first round!

The heat was killing me and really making it hard to get through the WOD.

We managed to finish 5 rounds…..5 very slow rounds.  Though I am super glad that we hit up a CrossFit box while traveling, I know I left there feeling headachy and a little pukey.  But hey, I got myself a t-shirt out of the whole deal!

Day 4: An early morning 2 mile run around a quiet neighborhood.

– I learned that if I wanted to get in a decent workout outside without dying from heat exhaustion I need to do it early in the morning before the sun gets over head.

Day 5: Joe and I ran to a nearby elementary school where we completed a quick Tabata workout:

20 seconds work/10 seconds rest

6 rounds of each:


box jumps

push ups


Day 6: Core circuit.  Nothing too fancy.

Day 7: Probably my favorite day of workouts so far.

– These last few days have been spent on an 800 acre ranch that is owned by Joe’s uncle.  The ranch is located just outside of Texas in Colbert, OK and is a place where the family likes to get away to fairly often.  We have spent most of our time grilling on the deck, riding 4-wheelers, shooting guns, and sipping coffee.  It has been a great time as always.

This has been my running trail for the past few days:


This driveway is a little over 1/2 mile from one end to the other which makes getting my mileage in fairly easy to calculate.  For this days workout, I ran out and back (so a little over 1 mile) and then completed 100 jumps with a jump rope and 15ea. 1-leg step ups.  I completed a total of three rounds of this circuit.

I had a friend waiting for me when I got back from one of the runs:


Day 8: I stayed indoors for this workout:

– I used the Nike Training Club app on my phone to complete a 15 minute cardio routine followed by a 15 minute core workout.  Not much, but better than nothing.

 Day 9: Today

– Joe and I headed out for a run this morning just after 8am.  Apparently we should have gone earlier because after our second trip up and down the driveway we were toast!  It was very hot and humid this morning which ruined us wimpy Alaskan’s.  So, only 2 miles for us today.


We fly home tomorrow afternoon.  It has been a great trip and an amazing break from work and such.  I am really looking forward to seeing this mutt:


I miss her so much!!



They Can’t All Be Good Days, Right?

May 19, 2014

Hey guys!

Ugh!  It has been a little crazy around here.  Though a blessing, the week just seems to fly by and I have been struggling to get everything done that needs to get done.  Unfortunately, when I get busy, my posts become even more few and far between.  It isn’t ideal — trust me, I would rather be sitting behind the keyboard than running around like crazy!


I have been going to CrossFit for a little over a month now and have really been digging it.  Though most days I feel exhausted before I even get to the 10am class, by the time warm up is done and we are setting up for the WOD, I am crazy-ready to get started.  I feel very focused during the workouts, not really noticing the fatigue, the sweat, the heat, just working.  Just getting it done.

When I leave, I sit in the car for a few moments and begin to check in with my body.

Arms are exhausted.

Legs are like jelly.

Lungs still breathing hard.

Oh, it is such a great feeling!

This would be most days.

If only they could all be like this.

In the month that I have been CrossFitting, I have only had two workouts that I have left feeling less than adequate.  The first was about two weeks ago when, after a sweaty warm up and some strength work, we were split up into teams of three.

Wouldn’t you know it, I was set up with two of the ‘best’ chicks in the room.  Now, a normal person would have been head over heels excited to be paired with these two great athletes.  Not me.  Oh no.  Apparently not normal by any means.

I, after being put on a team with these two ladies, felt sick to my stomach.  With this being a timed, team workout, everyone had to pull their own weight.

The workout was toes to bar, 1-arm floor to overhead, and box jumps.

Now all of these exercises are ones that I can do, but I knew for certain that I was slow on not only the toes to bar but on box jumps as well.  I just knew that I was going to hold them back and I was dreading the clock countdown.

I was the second one up and after watching one of my teammates haul ass through her first set, I just knew this was going to be terrible.  Though I was able to complete all of my toes to bar, I couldn’t for the life of me, connect them together.  So it took me twice as long to complete my set then it did the rest of my team.

I hated it.  Hated that I was holding them back.  Hated that I was slowing them down.  And the worst part, they didn’t seem to care.  They were there, cheering me on and giving me tips the entire time.

We still managed to finish quickly, before many of the other teams, though no thanks to me.


My second, not-so-great day at CrossFit happened last Wednesday.  The workout consisted of power cleans and burpees and scores were tabulated by how much weight you lifted within that 20 minutes.

For whatever reason, I could just not get the form right on my cleans.  Though I have done them many times before, for whatever reason, I just could not get it together.  Once the workout started, I was watching those around me clean like they have been doing it all their lives and continually adding weight (thus making their scores go up).  So not only was I battling some sort of mental block, I was also dealing with that overly competitive side of me that gets enraged when I can’t keep up.

20 frustrating minutes later, the workout was over and I was flustered almost to the point of tears.  As I heard the others shout out their scores, I only felt even worse about myself.  As I sat in my car, working up the energy to drive home, the tears started.

How stupid is that?  That one bad workout can send me to the point of tears!

Granted the tears were out of sheer frustration but still, what the hell?

I guess there are some things that I feel I should already be good at and its painful when I find out that I am not.  There is also the possibility that I am not nearly as strong as I think I am and coming to these conclusions is a real slap in the face of the ‘ol ego.

I really do love going to CrossFit several days a week — heck, I even get a little excited just thinking about it.  I know that there are going to be endless battles and struggles and that not everything is going to come easily to me.

That’s how we learn, right?

That’s how we grow.

That’s how we get better.

That’s how we get stronger.



Grand Opening and Re-openings!

May 5, 2014

Alaska is often several, several years behind the rest of the United States.  We didn’t get a Target until 2008 and the Olive Garden made it’s debut a little over two years ago.  Many of the stores and restaurants that litter the scenery in the Lower 48 – Panera Bread, Dunkin’ Donuts, Bath and Body Works, Victoria’s Secret, and anything of the outlet persuasion – are only a hint of a dream here in the 907.

When ever I travel outside of Alaska, I like to seek out stores such as Whole Foods and Trader Joes so that I can just wander the aisles.  I enjoy seeing all the products that are out there that are new to me.  Here in Anchorage we have a store called The Natural Pantry which, in a way, is similar to the big name natural food stores but on a much smaller scale.

I rarely went to The Natural Pantry (unless I was looking for something very specific) because the store was very small and cramped.  That is, until recently.

For many, many months now all of Anchorage has been watching a brand-spankin’ new Natural Pantry being built from the ground up and finally, after all the waiting, they opened their doors to shoppers last Friday.

npThe snow tells me this picture was taken during constructions.


I avoided the opening rush on Friday morning and waited until after 2pm before venturing through those long awaited front doors.  The parking lot was packed full of cars yet the store, being so big, didn’t seem crowded at all.

I wandered the aisles for quite a while, not really shopping for anything, rather just taking in all the new-to-me products.  At one point, I turned down a random aisle and it was as if the angels in heaven began to sing to me:


Look at all those nut butter choices!

It was indescribably beautiful!

It was like seeing Graceland for the first!

I scanned my way through most of the jars, hummming and hawwwing at the ingredients lists and nutrition labels.  I finally settled on a jar of Once Again cashew butter as well as a few individual serving size packets just to try them out:


 As you can see, I also grabbed a few Quest Bars and a packet of Pea Protein powder to try as well.

Apparently I got a little dumb struck by all of the nut butters because I failed to notice the price tag on the jar of cashew butter because I almost had a heart attack when, at the register, it rang up at $15!!!!!!


Ugh, I couldn’t believe it.  Lesson learned, check the price tag!

I have managed to try almost all of the individual nut butter packets and by far, the pull ahead winner is this beauty:


Oh man!! This one was an absolute treat!  As long as it’s not going to cost me a small fortune, I plan on buying a jar of this the next time I’m there.

On my way out, I swung by their Hydration Station to treat myself to an iced green tea.  This has been my go to pick me up as of late because I am enjoying any and all iced beverages right now and because I don’t need to add anything to the green tea to make it enjoyable.  Oh and it’s good for you they tell me.

The Hydration Station is a mixture of a coffee/smoothie/juice bar.  It being the first day, they were a little overwhelmed so I plan on going back to try some of their signature juice and smoothie drinks once they have had some time to work out the kinks.

All in all, though, the new store is very well done and is an exciting addition to shopping here in Anchorage.


We had another grand opening recently here in Anchorage.

Cabela’s has opened a new store here and people came out of the wood work to be the first inside.  You would think that, with Alaska being renowned for it’s hunting, fishing, and outdoors, that this would have been a no-brainer many years ago.

The store opened a few weeks ago but Joe and I finally made it there on Saturday:


Now I have never been in a Cabela’s before so I really have nothing to compare our store to, but I can tell you that the store is huge!  I don’t go crazy for hunting and fishing gear (though I do love to fish) but I was having a ball checking everything out.

I enjoyed the museum-like quality of the “animal scenes” (what the hell are those called?) and I even made a few new friends.  This little guy is badly in need of a manicure:


Honey Badger don’t care.

This gi-normous tank full of fish was pretty awesome as well:


Joe for scale.

And hovering just above the plethora of guns the store had to offer:


Death from above!!!

Perhaps my favorite part of the whole venture is the fact that Cabela’s makes it’s own fudge….yeah, I don’t get it either.

I don’t even really like fudge all that much, but hot damn, this was some good fudge:


We bought:

cookies and cream – eh

chocolate walnut – one of my favorites of the day

peanut butter – not bad, better if mixed with the dark chocolate

dark chocolate – yum

salted caramel dark chocolate – oh yeah!

caramel chocolate peanut – ding!ding!ding!  The winner of the day!

Joe and I took slivers off of all of this fudge for the rest of the weekend and I am pretty sure we will be going back there for more!

All these new and new-ish stores are pretty exciting here in Anchorage.  Makes me wonder what other new shops and restaurants will be opening up in the near future.

Pictures from the week

April 29, 2014
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Is the weekend already over?  Who let this happen!!??

I have noticed, as of late, that I have started taking lots of photos….granted many of them are of Sadie (she’s my favorite subject, of course).  I always end up with a rather large collection of photos by the end of the week so today’s post is going to be a photo dump from the last week or so.

Speaking of my favorite photo subject:


Second only to the top of the grill, this is Sadie’s favorite perching spot.  The sun was shining very bright this day and Sadie was soaking it up.


I made a quick stop into Walmart last week looking for a few items for a craft project I was working on.  I walked through the front door and smack-dab into this:


I was helpless to its powers!!

Not only was it the Reese’s Easter Eggs (which are the perfect ratio of chocolate to peanut butter) but they were on clearance!  I think I blacked out because the next thing I knew I was back in my car and this was sitting beside me:


Luckily I was smart enough to ration these out — some of these made it into the house, the rest are being stored in our garage for a later date!  At least I know we won’t run out anytime soon.


And speaking of that little arts and crafts project:


This was a project that has been stewing in the back of my mind since I went to Kauai with some friends almost a year ago. My friend Laura, through a companion ticket and her timeshare, made this trip pretty much free for me so I wanted to given her something in the way of a thank you.  I put together this shadow box last week with a few items that I collected from our trip (and a few from the craft store) and gave it to her for her birthday last week.


While shopping for yogurt and cottage cheese last week (yes, I am now a cottage cheese eater…my mother would be so proud) I came across this interesting snack in the dairy aisle:


It’s ingredients list claims only chia seeds, coconut milk, and bananas.  It was pretty tasty and definitely filling so I would be interested in trying the other flavors.  And come on, any food item that comes with it’s own spoon is a win for me!


And finally, I got a head start on this years vegetable garden this weekend.  We have been collecting empty milk, eggs, yogurt, and cottage cheese containers in order to reuse them as planter boxes.  Sure it may look a little ghetto but hey, I didn’t have to buy any over-priced planters this year so go me!


I did my planting on the living room floor, hence the garbage bag protecting the carpet.  I would have gone outside but there was a really interesting show on the History Channel that I didn’t want to turn away from!

This years crop (if everything goes as I would like it to) is going to be carrots, peas, kale, chard, brussell sprouts, romaine lettuce, kohlrabi, chives, oregano, basil, and thyme.  Phew!  I hope it is a good growing year!

Here is a pic of my planters:



We are pretty high class around here!


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