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Some Good Reads

November 18, 2014

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

I wanted to make a quick pit-stop to share some links to a few articles I recently stumbled across.  Take a break in the middle of your hectic day, click on a few links, and enjoy some knowledge gettin’ all up in your brain!


First up, a quick and funny read about 159 year old running advice.  Click here for the link!



This next article comes courtesy of my best gal pal, Jillian Michaels.  Seeing as how we are totally BFF’s, she shared this article with me (and, let’s be honest, all of her Facebook followers).  It is an interesting read regarding some sneaky and often over looked reasons why we are holding onto excess weight.  Click here!


Anyone who knows me, knows that I have become quite a pro at counting calories, tracking macros….you name it, I’ve done the math.  While there is a certain sense of comfort and order that I get out of knowing exactly (give or take) what is going into my body, it really can become an added stress on my life.  While I think there is definitely merit in having a basic understanding of calorie content – especially for those who are new to healthy eating – it isn’t something that I would want to do for the rest of my life.  This article, though a little technical, gives us some tips on how to ‘lean out’ without having to count or track anything.  Click here!


When I was studying my face off for my personal training certification, a good portion of the text book talked about goal setting and how to use it to motivate your clients and keep them on track.  This article breaks down goal setting from one large goal (‘I want to lose 50 pounds’) into a much smaller, much more manageable daily goal.  Check it out.  Click here!


Be still my heart!  There are few things in this wide world that I love more than peanut butter and as much as I love me some Jif, I know that there are healthier options out there.  (Don’t worry Jif, you will always be my number 1).  Check out of this article for an easy guide to picking a good and good-for-you peanut butter.  Click here!


And to totally pull a 180 on you guys, here is a super cool article about one of the bestest movies of all time!!  Click here!!! Do It!!!

Alright peeps, that’s all I’ve got for you today.  Feel free to share some articles that you all have found interesting or of merit.

Please note: links included in this post are also credit for the corresponding photos.

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