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I Drank the Kool-Aid

April 10, 2014

I was sitting in my office several years ago (back when I had my own office and sat on my ass for too many hours of the day) when I got a text from my brother saying only this, “Google CrossFit.”  Much like me, my brother who lives in Los Angeles, is a health and fitness fanatic.  Between the two of us, we have eaten more than our share of chicken, broccoli, and brown rice.  Come to think of it, I’m almost certain that I caught the fitness “bug” from him and I haven’t looked back since.

Curious, I did the Google search and after clicking on YouTube I chose a random video to watch.  It was a video of a guy doing a burpee, jumping up to a bar, and then doing a pull up.

So burpee – jump – pull up.  Burpee – jump – pull up.  Burpee – jump – pull up.  Minutes went by.  Minute after minute, round after round. Burpee – jump – pull up.  Over and over.  Over and over so many times that this guy ends up vomiting (while on camera) then proceeds to shake it off and get right back to it.  Burpee – jump – pull up.  Burpee – jump – pull up.

This guy was pretty hardcore.

After doing some more clicking and video watching, I knew that this was something that I needed to know more about.  Ever since then, I have had an increasing interest with all things CrossFit – I poured over blogs, Pinterest, and videos for images and inspiration.



I hit the gym with a vengeance, inspired by the determination and the heart that I was seeing these athletes give day in and day out.  I knew from then that I wanted to just like them.



After many years of being an on-again, off-again gym goer this was exactly what I needed to get me moving, keep me motivated, and change the way I workout every single day.



Fast forward several years (several years of pining, wishing, and watching from the wings) and I still hadn’t gotten myself CrossFitting.  I had stopped by a CrossFit gym here in town about 2 years ago to get some information but that was about it.  For the most part, it was the cost that was keeping away.  So. Damn. Expensive.  But it started to dawn on me that I was never going to start if I waited for it to be a ‘good time.’  I know the saying goes “good things come to those who wait” but I had waited way too many years (and even asked my family to buy me punch cards for birthdays and Christmases) but all this waiting had gotten me no where.  It was time for me to do something.  Time for me to bite the bullet and finally, finally stop watching from the side lines.

A few months ago, I posted about attending a free CrossFit class with Joe and a friend of mine, you can see that post here.   And even after going to that class (which I absolutely loved) I was still nervous about starting and about going by myself (hello, my name is Kristin and I am socially awkward).  It took several more weeks and a ridiculous amount of time spent on the CrossFit website almost signing up then talking myself out of it before I literally said “F*ck it” and signed myself up.

Once I was signed up and the money was spent, I knew that there was no backing out now!

As a first time CrossFitter, I had to take an essentials class which is intended to teach newbies the fundamentals of CrossFit.  My essentials class was last Saturday and after some last minute pleading of Joe to get him to go with me (he said no, by the way) I was out the door and headed to CrossFit.  The two hour long class was very helpful and though many of the things that were covered are exercises that I already incorporate in my own workouts, classes, and clients it was very informative and I even learned a few lifts that I have been wanting to do.

We finished the class with a very quick workout of wall balls, hand release push ups, and butterfly sit ups.  The workout was for time and guess what, I was the first one to finish (well, the first one to do the workout as prescribed)!!  I have to say, I did walk a little bit taller the rest of that day!

So here is where we are thus far:

– free first class….check!

– free essentials class….check!

– next up…..CrossFit for real!

Even though I had completed the essentials class last Saturday I was hesitant to go to my very first class.  Knowing that if I hesitated any longer I wouldn’t go, I signed up for the Tuesday 10am class and reserved my spot.  Now it was real and I couldn’t change my mind.

Monday night I kept checking Facebook waiting for my CrossFit gym to post the next days workout and after lots of scrolling and refreshing the workout was up:

Tag Team

60 Toes to Bar

70 Hand Release Push Ups

80 Kettlebell Swings

90 Butterfly Sit Ups

Tag Team is a partner workout and, as someone who hates partner workouts (I hate the forced social aspect and I always worry that I am going to hold someone back) I was dreading it. Thank goodness I was paired with someone who I just happened to know so it was, at least, a little less awkward.  So the workout goes like this: the reps are to be spread out between each partner so while one partner is busting out their share of Toes to Bar (for example) the other person has to remain in a plank.

At first the workout was fairly easy – partner getting reps done, other partner holding a plank and then all of a sudden, the planks got really hard.  Like full body convulsions, begging for death kind of hard.  We had to make our turns getting reps done much shorter because those planks were going to ruin us!  We made it through the entire workout and – the best part – we weren’t the last ones to finish.

My first day of CrossFitting for real was awesome and holy hell are my abs so incredibly sore even two days later.  Yesterday was rough, even the thought of a sneeze or coughing brought tears to my eyes!! Feeling the soreness after working so hard is a bittersweet reward and I absolutely love it!


I was back at it again today, sore, tired, achy, yet ready to get another awesome workout done.  Today’s workout consisted of strength work on dead lifts and then 3 rounds for time of: 15 Hang Cleans and 15 Burpees.  The prescribed weight for the Hang Cleans for women was 93# but I scaled way down to make sure I made it through (and to take the load off of my back which has been bitching as me lately).

As everyone was getting ready to start the WOD (and i was promising myself that I wouldn’t vomit) I was floored when I heard some of the other people saying “the burpees are the rest.”  As in, they considered the 45 burpees we were about to do as how they were going to ‘rest’ between sets.

Uhhh what!!??

All I could think was that these bitches must be crazy!

Either way, I made it through the WOD in just over 8 minutes so I was pretty happy with that!


I really am excited to finally be taking part in something that I have been wanting to do for many years now.  I am so glad that I finally got it in my mind that I was going to do CrossFit, and I just made it happen.

I’m not sure how long I will participate or where this is all going to go — right now I am just really loving all that I am learning about the sport and about what my body is truly capable of.



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