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A Culinary Weekend

April 2, 2014

Hey guys!

I hope you guys had a good weekend and at least a halfway decent start to the week.  For me, this past weekend was pretty great — nothing too spectacular or Earth shattering happened yet it was still a good weekend.


Saturday, after my workout and teaching my Cross Training boot camp, it was time for breakfast number two:


One the menu was three eggs scrambled with lots of veggies as well as toast with butter and jam.  I like how all the veggies really bulk up the three eggs and are super filling.  Have I ever mentioned how much I love breakfast foods?  Well I do, they’re my favorite!!

The rest of Saturday was spent at home getting the usual house ‘to-do’s’ taken care of.  As odd as it may seem, I actually enjoy doing the laundry, vacuuming, putting away the odds and ends that collect around the house during the week.  Something about organizing and making order out of our little bit of chaos does my brain good!

While I was running around the house, Joe was busy in the kitchen.  He had recently come across two new recipes that he really wanted to try and he figured the weekend was the best time to try them out.  The first was a chili recipe:


Though I am getting better, I am still a bit of a wimp when it comes to spicy foods.  This recipe called for not only a handful of spices:


But habanero peppers as well!  They can be pretty dang hot so I was a little nervous trying the chili once it was ready but all was made well with a dollop of cream cheese to cool things off.  This chili turned out really, really tasty and full of flavor — one of the ingredients was cocoa powder which really gave a richness to the flavor.  We are certainly going to have to put this recipe into rotation!


On Sunday, Joe tried out recipe number two:


Don’t those chicken quarters look absolutely amazing?  I promise you, they taste even better!! The second recipe also called for habanero peppers (he must have been on a roll) to be used in a brine.  After making the brine, you allow the raw chicken quarters to marinate in it for several hours before throwing those babies on the grill and cooking them to perfection.

The brine really makes the chicken moist even though we tend to cook chicken really, really well (ain’t nobody got time for salmonella!) It was awesome to have the grill going this weekend — it was almost as if summer was right around the corner!


Well, that’s all I have time to share for now.  I do have a pretty awesome AMRAP workout to post but I will have to do that later today.

If you guys are interested in either of the meals that I shared here, let me know and I will send you the links to you.

Have a great hump day, ladies and gents!

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