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March 19, 2014

This was my contribution to St. Patrick’s Day:

IMG_3467Holy green, Batman!!

Yeah, they turned out really green.  They were kind of fun to have on for the day but that evening, when I went to get rid of that atrocity, I realized I didn’t have any nail polish remover.   Story of my life!

And, in case you were wondering (and really, who isn’t), that green color does not — I repeat — does not come off easily!  Consider yourself warned.

For dinner Monday night, we had a traditional Irish meal of enchiladas and Guinness:

IMG_3470That was a joke…see what i did there?

Joe and I were enchilada making fools on Sunday — one of his co-workers has a child in the hospital so we made up a huge batch of enchiladas for them to freeze and have available when they need a filling meal that they can just throw in the oven.  We had enough ingredients to make two batches so that is what we have been dining on these last few days.

Now I realize all that cheese isn’t so healthy (though yum!) but a little known secret about these enchiladas is that much of the filling is finely chopped zucchini!!

This meal is a winner for sure!


I thought I would share yesterdays Cross Training Boot Camp workout, so here it is:


For the warmup, set your interval timer for 30 seconds (the run) and 15 seconds (the exercise) and for the workout, set your timer to 45 seconds work and 15 seconds rest/transition.  Complete 3 rounds of each circuit before moving on to the next.

It was a great class and everyone left sweaty and tired — can’t really beat that!


Well, I am off to fold some laundry and then head to work where we are only a few days out from our last gymnastics meet of the season.  This is always a stressful time of year….I really, really, REALLY do not like to lose especially when a state title is involved.  It is going to be a long several days of practice leading up to the meet on Saturday.

Lots of deep, calming breaths are in order for me.

Later peeps!

P.S.  Above, I inserted a link to Gym Boss interval timers because that is the timer that I have used for several years and have been really happy with it.  I am in no way affiliated with Gym Boss, nor are they with me. 

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