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Happy Valentines Day (and some eats!)

February 14, 2014

Hey pals and gals.  Things, once again, have started slowing down around here.  My schedule is slowly getting back to normal which means my postings should be much less few-and-far-between.

sadie(she’s such a bitch sometimes)


In case you were unaware, today is Valentine’s Day.  In the past on V-Day, I would wake up super early – well, what I thought at the time was super early – to make Joe a nice breakfast.  This year, seeing as how I was awake by 3am and at work by 5am I ended up just leaving out a few things for him to find when he woke:


The heart bunting in the background is something that I made several years ago for an aforementioned V-Day breakfast — we liked it so there is has stayed ever since.  The loaf of bread is Joe’s favorite!  It is white chocolate cherry from Great Harvest Bread Company and is always available around Valentine’s.  It is so damn yummy!


When I got home from work this afternoon, I had my own surprise waiting for me:


And on closer look:


Our V-Day plans are very mellow this year; Joe is picking up some sushi to-go and we are going to sit at home, drink some champagne and just hang around.  We decided a few days ago to each go on a quest to find some fancy dark chocolates here in town and then bring them back to the house to share with each other.  I struck dark chocolate gold but I will have to share that in the next post because they are all beautifully wrapped up.


I have a bunch of eats that I have been wanting to share with you guys for a while, so let’s hop to it!


First up, this meal came straight from Pinterest, you can find the original recipe here.  We are a bunch of chicken eating fools in the house so it always nice to try something new with this versatile protein.  Though I didn’t have any fresh herbs on hand, this Herb and Citrus Roasted Chicken turned out really well.  I served it with a side of asparagus:


On a side note: when the hell did asparagus get so damn expensive!!??  I don’t know how it is on other parts of the country but up here in Alaska, asparagus is $6 a bunch.  I’m not sure how I never noticed before but I almost had a heart attack at the cash register when two bundles of asparagus cost over $12!!!


This next dinner came out of the crock pot and was my biggest hit as of late:


Again this recipe for “Creamy” Chicken and Tomato Soup was found on Pinterest (where would I be without it?) and was AMAZING.  Creamy is in parentheses because it is a Paleo recipe so the creaminess comes from coconut milk rather than dairy.  This dinner lasted us many more meals and seemed to only get better as the days wore on.  I loved it!  Joe loved it!  So much so that he shared some with a co-worker and she loved it!!  I cannot wait to make this delicious soup again.


I made this next dinner for Joe one afternoon because I knew that I was going to be home late and he would be on his own for dinner.  Joe, though a really great and adventurous cook, will rarely cook meals for just himself.  He was eating a lot of chips and cheese (basically a poor mans nachos) while I had a couple weeks of late nights.  I couldn’t take the thought of it anymore so I wanted to make something he could easily reheat and that was somewhat nutritious:


Though there are a thousand recipes out there for stuffed bell peppers (and by there I, of course, mean Pinterest) I sort of just threw this one together.  After seasoning and browning some extra lean ground turkey, I raided the fridge for whatever we had on hand.  I threw in chopped onions, celery, and green onions, a little bit of extra sharp white cheddar, as well as a can of rinsed black beans and rinsed corn.  I spiced the mixture with some dried herbs, salt, pepper, and garlic and added a couple cups of cooked quinoa.

I baked the whole thing at 350 degrees for 25 minutes.  For a first go-around these weren’t too bad…not great but not too bad.  I think I need to give them a little more seasoning next time around.


For the most part, I need a recipe to make a meal.  As much as I long to be one of those people who sees random ingredients and can black magic an amazing dinner out of it, I tend to be hesitant in the kitchen.  This dinner, however, I threw together on a whim and I would have to say, it wasn’t too shabby.


I sauteed some minced garlic until just brown and then added some sliced onions to caramelize.  I cooked the onions until they were about 2/3 done then added the chicken.  I cooked the chicken until it was mostly done and then sliced it into small pieces.  I added the chicken slices back to the pan to cook a little longer at which time I added some white wine for some extra zing.

The chicken cooked thoroughly while the wine cooked down and sooner rather than later, dinner was on the table.

I served the chicken and caramelized onions with a side of roasted veggies (the asparagus was on sale, by the way.)

I am pretty happy with how this meal turned out and I am even happier that I was able to throw it together with what I found in the fridge.  A+, gold star for me!


That’s all I have for you guys now.  Check out those recipe links that I shared, you will not be disappointed!

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