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January 26, 2014

I don’t know if you are aware but Friday, January 24th, was  a very special day.

In our household we (and by we I mean me) always look forward to January 24th with great excitement.  This day of days only rolls around once a year and the anticipation is similar to that of Christmas morning.

I am delighted to wish you all a happy (albeit belated) National Peanut Butter Day!!!

[cue the fireworks, the fanfare, the dancing girls, and the marching bands]

That morning I made sure to add a little extra schmeer of the good stuff to my PB toast:


In honor of this joyous day, I wanted to share with you a couple new (and not so new)  Peanut Butter related items on the market.  Some of these I have tried and some I have been eye-balling for a while, either way they look pretty damn tasty.


Now, seeing as how this is a health and fitness blog, I would like to make a note here about healthy eating and how that relates to peanut butter.  Yes, I know that most peanut butters that can be found on the market are full of sugar and unnecessary calories.  I am a JIF girl through and through and even though there are healthier peanut butter options out there, I choose this product as a mini-indulgence every day.

On that note, many of the products that I will be listing here are less of a healthy, clean eating option and more of an every-now-and-then treat.  I guess what I am trying to say here is, relax people it’s just peanut butter.


Recently a very wise and thoughtful friend of mine, knowing of my love affair with peanut butter, gave me some snacks she came across on a recent shopping trip.

The first was a box of peanut butter pop tarts:


I tried one (yup, only one) of these several mornings ago and was pleasantly surprised.  While I grew up eating Pop Tarts as a kid, I haven’t had them in many many years — too sweet, too many ingredients I cannot pronounce, too much non-whole food going on in those shiny wrappers.

I was happy to see that there was none of that brick like frosting on top as I slipped the ‘tart’ into the toaster.  After some brief toasting I was ready to take this puppy for a spin.  The pop tart was soft and the peanut butter flavor was very apparent.  All in all it was pretty good though I don’t see these making a regular appearance in our house hold though I am certainly glad that I tried them.

My friend also gave me a box of these:


Again, I only tried a small handful of these but I would have to say that they were fairly tasty.  I am not normally a fan of Whoppers though the addition of the peanut butter was a pleasant change and made them much more palatable for me.


The rest of these products are ones that I have yet to try but am hoping to in the near future so please, if have had a chance to taste these, feel free to share with me your thoughts.

First up is a new spread from Planters:


Seemingly similar to the other peanut butter mixes in their Nut-trition energy mixes, this product mixes peanut butter with bits of chocolate and cherry.  I can only image how tasty this would be spread on some hot-out-of-the-toaster toast where not only the peanut butter will get gooey and melty, but the bits of chocolate as well.  I am going to make sure to snatch up a jar for myself the next time I am at the store.

Next is a new (new-ish?) product from JIF:


Available in both creamy and crunchy, JIF’s new cashew butter is the latest addition to their line of nut products.  From time to time, I like to branch out and try new nut butter spreads just to shake things up a bit.  I have had cashew butter before but remember it being fairly hard to spread even on hot toast.  I definitely need to try JIFs version before I make a final decision on cashew butter because, if anyone can do it right, I know JIF can!

Every morning I spread a tablespoon of JIFs (I know, I talk about JIF a lot!) Natural Peanut Butter Spread on a piece of whole grain toast.  It would appear that JIF has done one better and added honey to the delicious mix:


You may be surprised to learn that I have never actually tried adding honey to my morning PB toast but now I really have no excuses not to!

This next product is proof that marketing and TV commercials work wonders on me:


I saw a commercial for this Reese’s candy bar recently and instantly wanted to try it!  Though I do like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups from time to time (frozen of course) I don’t typically seek out candy bars and other treats you would find while waiting in the checkout line at a grocery store.  I am more of a dark chocolate fan so overly sweetened candies are usually few and far between for me.  But the thought of peanuts, peanut butter, chocolate, AND caramel all smooshed and rolled together seems like heaven in an orange wrapper!


All right folks, well that quick trip down not-so-healthy lane has come to an end.  I know that there are thousands and thousands of new peanut butter products out there that I missed and probably don’t even know about.  Thanks for going along with me on this mouth watering journey and soon we will be returned to our regular, healthy lifestyle programming!

Please note:  I was not compensated for mentioning any and all of these products here in this post.  I just love peanut butter, what can I say?

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