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We have a runner!

January 20, 2014

Hiddly Ho, Neighbor-inos! (Simpson’s reference anyone?)

I had an appointment at the physical therapist earlier this week and I finally, after 3ish long months, got the green light to start running again!  Granted he gave me very specific instructions on what I am supposed to do for the next two week — 3 minutes incline walk, 1 minute light jog — but hey, it is a step in the right direction.

(pun intended!)

I certainly was missing my old pal the treadmill so it was nice to get my legs moving again!


It has been a bit of a hectic week around here — Joe’s truck has been in the shop so we have been sharing a vehicle.  There has been a lot of driving back and forth, picking up, dropping off, and coordinating of tricky schedules.  I will say, however, that it has been nice spending the extra time with him this last week.

Well, I have some food-stuffs to share with you as well as some workouts so whats say we get crackin’?


The Eats:

Early this week, I arrived home absolutely ravenous.  Joe had already eaten so dinner was a solo affair.  Scanning through the contents in the fridge, I was reminded of a handful of recipes I found on Pinterest for zucchini noodles and, knowing that we had a jar of spaghetti sauce hanging around, I knew that a super quick dinner was on the menu.

After heating up the spaghetti sauce (and adding my own spices) and shredding the zucchini I threw it all on a plate and WENT TO TOWN on that mo fo!  I was several bites in when I realized I should snap a picture for you guys so here it is:


Yes, this dish looks and seems a little odd but it really was good!  I have no doubt that this meal will be gracing my table in the future though, next time, I will plan ahead and make my own sauce.


I finally got around to making stock out of the remaining chicken that I cooked in the crock pot last week out of which I made some pretty damn delicious chicken soup.  Chicken, carrots, celery, onions and the most fun noodles you will ever put in your mouth.  (hey-o!)

This huge pot of soup lasted us several days and was just as tasty as the first bite!


The credit for this meal has to be given to Joe.  He asked me on the phone one evening what I wanted for dinner and all I could think was “something healthy…no rice….veggies.”  And with those albeit random specifications he was able to find this recipe online for chili-glazed pork with sweet potato hash from Real Simple.

This meal was an instant hit in our house!  We loved not only how healthy and low calorie it was, but it was something different than what we usually make.  We are a chicken and vegetable household so this was a very pleasant and welcome change.

And onto the workouts:

It has been busy busy busy around here but I still managed to get some sort of a workout in every day.  Here are a couple highlights from the week:


I used this rep scheme for most of my clients a few weeks back (well, the 10-1, we wouldn’t have time to go back up to 10) and they all really seemed excited when I told them they had just completed 55 reps of everything!



Now this circuit was tough but a lot of fun!!  I am thinking I will have my Cross Training class try something similar to it this week, I think they are going to like it too.


I am trying really hard to get to sleep at a decent time this week — falling asleep has never been a problem for me, it’s the getting all the little to-do’s done so that I can get myself to bed.

This post is one of those things I have been able to check off my list so it is off to bed for me.  Goodnight folks!


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