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….and a Happy New Year!

January 4, 2014

Hey friends and a very happy-welcome-to-2014!

My 2014 started here:


“You shall not pass!”

Seeing as how I am still off running (i’m getting stir crazy here!) I have become well acquainted with the ARC Trainer.  The Lord of the Rings series were on tv all day on Wednesday so Joe and I enjoyed watching it throughout the day.

We made sure to swing by Kaladi Brothers, a local roaster and coffee shop, because every January 1st they give all the proceeds they make on that day to a local charity:


Not only were they giving all of their proceeds to Children’s Lunchbox, all of the baristas volunteer their time and work for free.  This year they raised over $14,000 dollars for Children’s Lunchbox which was matched by another company for a donation of about $28,000!!  Pretty cool, huh?

Do you see that blanket in the above picture?

Yeah, that would be the blanket under which I spent most of the rest of January 1st in a coma.  I’m not sure if I was recharging from the marathon lack of sleep from the past few weeks or pre-charging for the year to come.  Either way I think I spent more time asleep that I did awake on New Years Day.

As is tradition in our family (and many others, I know) we had black eyed peas with our New Years Day dinner:


That’s a bowl of good luck right there!


Workouts this week have been really good.  I have been spending a lot of time doing a variety cardio with some fun circuits thrown in.  Here is a workout that my Cross Training Boot Camp did on Thursday and the workout that I ended up doing later in the day:


That’s a lot of burpees and box jumps, by the way!

For the most part, I have a pretty relaxed weekend ahead of me which I am very much looking forward to.  I hope you guys have the chance to rest and relax as well!

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