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Naughty List

December 26, 2013

Hey pals and gals.

Phew!  It has been a crazy week + since my last post.  On several occasions I sat down at this here computer, started a post, and ended up having to walk away from it.

Ah, the holidays.  Am I right?


Christmas day started early for me.  Without an alarm, I woke up promptly at 6am (yay for extra sleep) and I got to work completing a few Christmas tasks and making an apple upside down cake for the family.

By the time 8am rolled around, Sadie and I couldn’t wait any longer for Christmas so we rudely woke Joe up with a cold, wet nose to the face….Sadie’s nose, not mine.  We opened our stockings and gifts and generally had a lazy morning.

Though I couldn’t convince Joe to join me this year, I headed out into the cold and made my way to the gym for a Christmas day workout.  I started off with 15 minutes of intervals on the step mill.  After that I completed 4 rounds of this circuit workout:


And this is where I got put on the naughty list.  See, I am still not supposed to be running (stupid left knee) but I just couldn’t resist!  I wanted to do a workout that was quick and still fairly intense and I just knew that throwing sprints in the mix would do the trick.

This was a great workout but the combination of sprints, box jumps, and double unders left me awfully gimpy later in the day.  Ah well, I think it was worth it!


The rest of Christmas day was spent at my parents house in the midst of a gift-opening marathon.  No seriously, hours upon hours upon hours of unwrapping, passing around, and oohing and aahing over every gift.  We went so late into the evening in fact that Christmas dinner came in form of pizza delivered by the one place in town that was open on Christmas night.

Not to worry, though, Christmas dinner has been postponed to tomorrow so there will be plenty of time for ham, veggies, and pies!


I have lots of share with you guys but these heavy eye lids are telling me it is time for bed.



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