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Some eats and a knee update

November 17, 2013

Turns out, a slower than slow week some how magically turns into a weekend that is over in the blink of an eye.  It must be one of those great wonders of the universe that we will never understand.

Le sigh.

Some eats as of late:

In addition to PB toast with chia seeds, my breakfast has been looking a little something like this:


Greek yogurt, ground flaxseed, pecans, dried cranberries, granola, and 1 banana.

Instead of cramming a bunch of food and coffee in my stomach at 3:30am, I have gotten smarter and broken breakfast into two parts; I have my coffee and PB toast upon waking and then have the yogurt bowl after I have taught my morning group classes.  Let me tell you, it sure is difficult to workout and motivate a room full of exercisers when the “food baby” in your stomach is weighing you down!

Lunch on Friday was this beauty:


Sesame soy salad from a local restaurant — look at all those colors!

I am so grateful that I never ever get sick of eating salads (knock on wood).  There are many a day that I look forward to and crave those greens!

For tonight’s dinner, I tried out a new recipe that I tore out of the Cooking Light Magazine:


This soup was definitely a WIN!  For the most part it was very easy to prepare (except for the part where Sadie drooled the entire time I was cooking the bacon….gag me!).  If only my food presentation was a good as theirs:


Yeah, I’m cheap and went for the grated parmesan cheese.

I really liked how this soup had all the texture and comfort of a cream based soup without the added dairy that is usually necessary to make that happen.  I am certainly going to hang onto this recipe and make it again!!  It was the perfect way to warm up on a very chilly evening.

Due to the fact that this recipe is not my own, I am hesitant to post it here on the blog.  If anyone would like to try this recipe (i highly recommend it!) feel free to comment below and I will send it your way.

Knee Update:

As I mentioned the other day, I finally caved and went to see a physical therapist for my left knee.  It has been an on-going and nagging problem that has only gotten worse these last few weeks.

After some initial range of motion, balance, and mechanic tests, we were unable to pinpoint the issue.  Good news is it is nothing so serious that I need to worried about surgeries or anything.  The doctor feels that there is some sort of injury there and that the pain that shoots down into my calf is secondary to (and possibly caused by) whatever is wrong with the knee.

No running for me for 2 weeks which is sort of a blessing in disguise, I think.  I have really been struggling with my runs lately yet I have continued to push and force myself to up my mileage.  With this forced “rest” I am hoping that when I am allowed to run it will be with a renewed energy and enthusiasm.

I have been given the thumbs up to continue to teach my classes (phew!) and to get my cardio in by way of the stationary bike or step mill.  I am assuming I can do the elliptical too but the doc knows that I don’t really like it so probably didn’t think to mention it.  Also, no plyos for 2 weeks as well!


Other than those few (thankfully very few restrictions) I am cleared for launch on the rest of my workouts.

I go back in to see him the week after Thanksgiving to see how things are going.

Today’s Workout:

Gosh, it seems like forever since I have posted a workout here.  It’s not for lack of working out, more it is due to the fact that out of sheer exhaustion I haven’t really been doing extra workouts outside of the classes I have been teaching.  Today though, it was nice to throw together a workout that was just for me!  I started out with 15 minutes on stationary bike (gosh, could those seats be any more uncomfortable?).  I then completed three rounds of this here circuit:


(oh boy!! Pic Monkey has released some new designs!!!)

I really liked having the rep numbers so low because no single exercise seemed to drag on forever and I was constantly moving from one thing to the next.

After finishing up my third round, I hopped back on the stationary bike for another 15 minutes of pedaling.

Well, it is time to pack up my things and get ready for tomorrow.  3am is going to be here before I know it!

Peace out, homies!


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