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Change of clothes

November 12, 2013

Throughout my day, I change my clothes, on average, about three times — this does not include getting in and out of my comfy clothes that I sleep in.  I was chuckling at myself today, as I was making my third change out of four today.  If it had been a day that I was coaching in the evening, it would have been out of five!


The first outfit of the day was for the Wake Up call class that I was leading.  After that class I changed into my actual work clothes for my Cross Training Boot Camp.  With an hour to kill between the end of that class and my last client of the day, I changed into my workout clothes, did my workout, and then changed back into outfit number two for my last client.


The only item of clothing that remained the same throughout all of these quick changes were my socks, other than that though, it was a whirlwind of clothes this morning!!


Today’s workout was a 4 mile run (37:12).

A terrible-awful-no-good-very-bad 4 mile run.

Why do these types of runs have to happen?  Grrr, they make me question why I even run in the first place.

My plan was to get 5 miles done but by mile 1.5 I just knew that that wasn’t going to happen.  I was feeling tired and my legs were achy when I started but, more often than not, those annoyances dissipate once I get into my groove.

The only groove I was in was “when the hell is this going to be over.”  Knowing that 5 miles was going to be torture, I settled on 4 miles and just ran until it was over (which seemed like an eternity, mind you).

I really wish I knew when runs like these were going to pop up — I would just forgo them entirely.  On the other hand though, there are those runs that are effortless.  Where you feel as if your feet are barely skimming the ground and that you could quite possibly run forever.  The other day, for example, I had planned on running 3 or so miles, but felt so good doing it I ran 6.  It was awesome!  I hopped off the treadmill feeling like a million bucks!!

Those runs are the good ones.

Those are the ones that make it all worth it!

Winter Walks:

The view from mine and Sadie’s walk this afternoon:


Beautiful, yes.

Utterly cold, YES!

Sadie didn’t seem to mind:


That is until her feet got too cold and she had to hop around on three legs!

Tonight is the newest episode of The Biggest Loser.  I, however, will not be watching it!  Joe could care less about TBL so I took pity on him and forked over the remote.  We decided to get caught up on Homeland instead.  Such a great show!!

This is where I sign out.  Have a good night, pals!

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