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Weekend Workout Recap

October 28, 2013

Hey pals.  How was your weekend?

The weather has been all sorts of bipolar here in Anchor-town — 3 days ago it was in the high 20’s/low 30’s with frost everywhere.  Today, on the other hand, it is in the mid-40’s and pouring rain.  I wonder if winter is even going to happen this year!

Friday Workout:

Friday was an epic day full of workouts.  My first workout was a 2-parter:


The numbers at the top are the reps so, for example, the first circuit consisted of five rounds (5 of each, 10 of each, 15 of each…..etc).  The second circuit is done in much the same way (1 burpee, 1 pull up – 3 burpees, 3 pull ups – 5 burpees, 5 pull ups…..etc).

The first circuit was a good one, not too tough, but still a sweaty good time.  The second circuit, ugh, the second circuit was killer!  It didn’t seem to terrible at the beginning but as the reps got higher (and my arms got weaker) the workout really started to kick my ass!

I did kipping pull ups up to the top of the pyramid (9 reps) and finally admitted defeat and did jump pull ups (slow on the way down) for the rest.

I was wiped by the time this workout was over!

If that weren’t enough (and, really, don’t you think it should be) I met my boss at the gym (gymnastics gym) before our evening practice to run through another workout with her.  That workout consisted of 2 rounds of a handful of resistance exercises with 30 seconds of cardio/plyo’s in between.

I am certain you wouldn’t be surprised to hear that I slept really well Friday night!

Saturday Workout:

Saturday was a very odd day for me.  It started out with some serious soreness upon waking.  I hobbled my way to the gym where I completed a 4 mile run (37:39).  It was by far not my best run ever, but I think it was much needed to work some of the soreness out.

I had 2 clients that morning and then a big Cross Training Boot Camp class.  Class went really well and everyone left there sweaty and smiling.

After leaving the gym, Joe and I grabbed a breakfast sandwich:


And a hot coffee and headed downtown to watch some of 2013 CrossFit Alaska State Championships.


I really enjoyed watching the competition last year and this year definitely did not disappoint!  We watched various heats of two different WOD’s and it was awesome to see the determination and the heart that each competitor brought to the table.  The crowd was really into it and Joe and I found ourselves shouting words of encouragement to the competitors even though they were strangers to us.

Sigh, I want to be a CrossFitter when I grow up!

Soon after leaving the competition, my day took an odd turn.  I was ridiculously tired, very sore and achy, and grumpy for no apparent reason.  We got home about 2pm and I went straight to bed where I slept for almost 3 hours.  You would think that I would feel refreshed after all that extra sleep but for the life of me, couldn’t keep my eyes open.

I slept off and on for several more hours and only stayed awake long enough to attend a friends Halloween party for about 2 hours.  I immediately went to bed after we arrived home from the party and slept through the evening.

Strange.  Very strange.

Sunday Workout

With as terrible as I felt on Saturday, I knew that Sunday needed to be a very easy, no stress workout.  After training some clients that morning, I completed some fairly light core exercises and then called it a day.

I heard ya’ body, I heard ya’!

Take it easy every once in a while.

I guess I am still learning to listen!

Today’s Workout

It was a two-a-day kind of morning.  My first workout was my 6am Strength & Conditioning class where we focused on chest, back, and squats.  Much like last week, we did lots of reps which left every muscle on fire!

It was a tough class especially going from regular squats right into sumo squats — ouch, I tell ya!

After a few more clients, I completed 4 rounds of this full body circuit workout:


Four rounds of this and I was done!!  It turned out to be a longer circuit than I normally do so I was all sorts of worn out by the time it was over.  Tomorrow I think I am going to stick to the treadmill and get some mileage in.

We shall have to wait and see!

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