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Just what I needed.

October 23, 2013

Lately I have been feeling unusually less than enthusiastic about my workouts.  I think super early morning clients, poor food choices, and general soreness and aches have been draining as of late.  Yesterday morning, for example I woke up feeling pretty gung-ho about the day and about the workout that I was already planning in my head.

Fast forward about 3 hours and I was yawning and struggling to keep my peepers open.  I knew then that, rather than working out after my last morning client, I needed to go home and get some more sleep.  Which is exactly what I did and was, apparently, exactly what I needed!

Please note, I did workout at home — some core work and deep stretching were my workout for the day.

Today, though tired this morning, I was much more excited about getting a serious workout in!

My first workout came during my 6am Strength & Conditioning class — though the class was small today (lame sauce) we absolutely killed it this morning!  All exercises were done with a barbell and we did a ton of reps that focused on biceps, triceps, lunges, and squats.  We were all screaming by the time each set was done but still loved every minute of it!  It really was a great class so I plan on doing lots of these types of workouts in the future.

Though my arms and legs were on fire, I still had a hankering for an intense, heart-pounding workout.  After my last morning client, I changed into my own workout clothes and completed this circuit:


It felt really good to be back at it, hitting it hard.  It is workouts like these that remind why I love feeling strong, working hard, and being healthy.  Workouts like these always seem to be the perfect way to get me back on track when all I want to do is be lazy and are always exactly what I need to refocus when my attention is being pulled elsewhere.

It is often said that we must find what we love doing, pursue it, and that will lead us to happiness.  Okay, so perhaps not in those exact words, but you get the gist.  I have found that, more often than not, when I leave the gym knowing that I have lead an awesome class or tackled and conquered a tough workout, I feel super jazzed and, at the same time, calm.  (‘at peace’ seemed too hokey of an expression but it is the general idea).

The same goes for when I leave the other gym in my life (gymnastics) at the end of a long practice and I feel as if I have managed to motivate, lead, and nurture my young athletes not only in the sport we share a love for, but in their lives as well.

Like a great workout, I find just what I need in the lives that I am so very lucky to affect.

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