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Aw Shucks!!

October 14, 2013


Much needed middle ‘o’ the day coffee!

Well hello Monday!  Might I be the first to remind you that I got plenty of sleep this weekend and I even got in several hours of vegging out in front of the TV.  So, please explain why, oh why, I am so tired today??


I hope you guys had a great weekend.  Mine was, for the most part, laid back and relaxing.  Saturday morning I trained a few clients and then taught my Cross Training Boot Camp class.  The class numbers are getting pretty high so I am having to be get creative with the workouts.  This week, I broke them into 3 separate groups and rotated them between 2 different rooms — set up with a circuit in each — and the cardio equipment.  They made it through 2 rounds of all of this before it was time to clean up, stretch, and send them on their way.

It was a good class and much less hectic since they were in smaller groups.  Thank goodness!

Afterwards, I did my own cardio workout:


The sweat was free flowing by the time I was done with this workout!!  The shower afterwards was more than welcomed!!

The rest of Saturday was spent hanging around the house….really, it was spent napping and watching TV.  It was a great rest of the day!


I had a few clients on Sunday and then I went to a local fight-against-diabetes event that my gym was helping sponsor.  It was fun to watch all the teams – in their very creative team attire – show up and walk to end diabetes.

In a sort of unfortunate and ill-timed segue, I made home-made apple poptarts yesterday:


Here is the recipe that I used, though I went the lazy route and used store bought pie crust instead making the one that goes along with this recipe.  I think the next time I make these, though, I will budget a little more time and try this crust out.

I used the rest of the apples that a friend gave me off of her tree and they were the perfect amount of tart to along with all of the sweetness the rest of the recipe calls for.


I had one (oh, who am i kidding, i had two.  ugh.) and then sent the rest of them to work with Joe.  Apparently they were a hit!!


My day today started with my 6am Strength & Conditioning class.  We completed 4 different muscle specific and full body exercise circuits with core work in between.  We did lots of squats, lunges, and 1-legged floor touches and I am already hobbling around with soreness.  Getting out of bed tomorrow morning is going to be a hoot!

After class was over and after training a few more clients, I hopped on the treadmill for a not-so-great 3 mile run which I completed in 27:04.

Well folks, that is about it for me.  I coached my athletes this evening which often leaves me worn out so I am more than ready for bed.

Happy start to the week, pals!


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