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October 6, 2013

A little known fact about me is that I am a sucker for anything and everything apple.  So when a friend of mine gave me a bag full of crab apples from her tree, I just knew it was time to try out a new recipe.  I scanned Pinterest and eventually decided on an Upside-Down Cinnamon Apple Coffee Cake.

The recipe was so easy to make and in no time, the house was filled with the amazing smell of cinnamon and apples.


Just out of the oven, pre-flip.


Upside-down and glazed.

I could have easily made a meal out of this…’s got apples so it’s sort of healthy right?

Wrong.  Yeah I know.

I’m thinking that this is going to be my go-to recipe for Christmas morning this year.  Mmmmm, I may not be able to wait that long to make another one, though!



This was the set up for my Saturday morning Cross Training Boot Camp class.  The class is getting really full so I need to continually come up with lots of ways to keep everyone busy.

Yesterday’s class consisted of 4 different circuits:


The class completed 2 rounds of each circuit and in between each round, they did a 1 minute run and a 1 minute sprint.  They really seemed to enjoy the workout and I got several thumbs up when they were done!

After they were done working out, it was my turn.  Here is what I did:


I had a hankering for some jump roping so I made sure to incorporate it into yesterday’s workout.  This was a pretty decent workout though I really regretted leaving the pull ups until the end — I should have started off with them while my arms were still fresh!


I spent about 6 hours at my boss/friends house yesterday afternoon.  We were supposed to spend about 4 hours in front of the computer working on an online class and test for our gym but, turns out, we couldn’t just log in and start the course so we are going to have to wait until next weekend to tackle it. It ended up being fine though, I made the apple coffee cake while there and spent the rest of the time chit chatting and hanging out.  It was a pretty awesome time!


Joe joined me at the gym this morning and together we did 3 rounds of this workout:


It was a good thing that Joe was there because I was feeling pretty lazy today and more than likely, I would have stopped after 2 rounds.  After we were done, we did some stretches (he is much better about stretching than I am!) and then we were on our way.


It has been a pretty nice and laid back weekend around here.  I have been futzing around the house, doing some light cleaning and laundry.  I think tonight calls for a fire in the fire place and a glass of wine.

I hope you guys had a great weekend too!

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