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My naughty little secret

October 4, 2013

And with that I welcome all the internet creepers and perverts!!

Not really.  Not at all.


Moving on.


I have some eats to share as well as some workouts, not to mention that (hopefully) enticing and strategically named post title!  Let’s get started, shall we?

The Eats:

As always, I never post everything that I eat throughout the day (it would be yawns-ville around here if I did) but here are a few meals that stood out this week.

When it comes to meals, this week has been pretty decent.  The snacking, on the other hand, is where I have struggled.  Handfuls of pita chips, extra slices of peanut butter toast, huge slices of sharp cheddar cheese…..I need to constantly remind myself that it is OK to be hungry.  That hunger pangs are nothing that I need to immediately jump into action and stuff my face.


It’s gonna get easier, right?

Here is a huge salad that I had for lunch the other day:


romaine lettuce, carrots, onions, bell peppers, roma tomatoes, and left over chicken.

This salad was very fresh, very tasty, and very very filling!

A dinner from several nights ago:


Deliciously marinated chicken and a heaping pile of roasted vegetables.  Satisfying, nutritious, and light enough that I didn’t feel weighed down.

OK, so not the best photo I have ever taken but I was hungry and not at all worried about getting a good shot.  Sue me.

The Workouts:

Wednesday mornings workout came in the form of my 6am Strength & Conditioning class.  Typically I will do this class, finish up the rest of my clients for the day and the do another workout consisting mostly of cardio and/or plyometrics.  I knew, upon waking Wednesday morning, that I was going to be lucky to make it through one workout let alone two so I gave it my all during Strength and Conditioning and then called it a day.  Here is what we did:


The idea with this workout is that each circuit consists of one cardio, one strength, and one plyometric exercise.  Two rounds of each equals an awesome full body workout.

Thursday morning, I was much more alert and ready to work so I jumped in with my Cross Training Boot Camp and completed this 10 round workout:

1 min. Sprint

2 Burpees

3 Box Jumps

4 Leg Lifts

5ea. Pogos

6 Push Ups

7 Dead Lifts

8 Push Press

9 Dips

10 Wall Balls

In this workout, Round 1 = the 1 min. sprint.  Round 2 = the 2 burpees & the 1 minute sprint.  Round 3 = the 3 box jumps, 2 burpees, and 1 min. sprint.  You continue moving your way down the list until you get to 10 round.

Does that make sense?

As I mentioned, I was much more awake on Thursday, so after class was over I completed another workout:


I have been having my clients do a similar workout to this one all week just to shake things up a bit and to keep it interesting.  These workouts are always fun and fast paced though the 60 and 45 seconds seems to go on for an eternity, the 30 and 15 seconds are over before you know it!

Today, my schedule was all sorts of whacked!  I had vast amounts of time between clients this morning so I ran on the treadmill in between.  I ended up completing 6 miles broken up into two 3 mile chunks.  It made the mileage a little more manageable and I was just as sweaty after each 3 miles as I would have been if I did all 6 miles at one time.


I had a myofascial massage today, or as I prefer to call them, “ANGRY MASSAGE.”  These massages are not at all relaxing and I often leave there feeling more beat up then when I went in.  I have been having some issues with my right foot and my left knee, not to mention my usual low back junk so I made sure that the therapist spent a lot of time on those areas.

She did a lot of work on hip flexors, the top of my glutes, and my IT band and holy hell, it really hurt!  My total laziness when it comes to stretching has caught up with me once again so it is back to the foam roller (grrr!) and deep stretching for me.

You’d think i’d learn.


All right, time to get what you all came here to read.  My naughty little secret.

I like to think (and boy do i hope it’s true) than on average, I eat pretty healthy.  Yet, as I mentioned earlier, I often struggle with eating extras here and there, but for the most part, I eat fairly clean.

With one exception.

I have a bit of a sweet tooth.

A bit of a sweet tooth that has been raging hard lately.

Typically after dinner, Joe and I will both have a couple pieces of dark chocolate and that will be enough.

But lately, I have started partaking in a few pieces after lunch in addition to after dinner.  And those few pieces have morphed into an extra piece here and there until pretty much, I am snacking on chocolate throughout the entire day.

With my schedule being what it is, I am home for many hours in the afternoon which means I have easy access to the drawer that houses these enticing bits of heaven.  Having this access makes it really difficult for me to stay away, to turn my back.

So I eat them, sneak them really.


It needs to stop — I am putting away tons of extra calories in dark chocolate every day and I am paying for it.

Rather than banish it completely from our house I thought I would try a different approach:


This was yesterday, taken before the couple that I indulged in after dinner.

And here is today’s:


I am hoping that by not immediately throwing the wrappers away and instead, watching as they pile up, I will realize how much I am actually eating.

Wish me luck!

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