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This weeks workouts

September 20, 2013

Goodness, it has been quite the week!

The late nights and early mornings are so close to being over (well, at least the late nights – early mornings have become part of the norm) I can almost taste it.  One more week and then everything goes back to normal and frankly, I cannot wait.

As always, late nights and early mornings lead to a me who is always exhausted.  When I get this way, I find that I am way more hungry (and snacky) than usual and that my will power to turn my back on the handful after handful of peanut m&m’s is limited.  (yes, i totally binged on peanut m&m’s yesterday — i was very disappointed in myself too)!

Until recently, a typical breakfast for me has been PB toast with chia seeds (duh) and a Greek yogurt bowl topped with granola or dry oats, berries, flax seeds, coconut flakes or dried fruit.  I decided this week that I was going to switch things up (and clear some room in the kitchen cabinets) so I made up a couple batches of Irish oats and added an assortment of toppings:


Toppings included ground flaxseed, shredded coconut, and a diced fresh peach.

See, change can be good….and delicious!


My workouts this week have been fairly decent.

Tuesday I warmed up with 15 minutes on the step mill after which I completed this circuit workout:


The combination of the thrusters and dead lifts in the first circuit coupled with the box jumps in the second made for legs that were shaking by the time I was done.  Speaking of box jumps, I worked up the nerve to do some of these box jumps on my new nemesis, the 24″ box.  It is amazing how much your brain can get in the way of what we are capable of and how hard it can be to quiet that brain and just let the body do what it is trained to do.

On Wednesday, my workout consisted of the Strength and Conditioning class that I taught that morning.  I put the class through a quick speed and agility warm up and then through 2 rounds each of 2 different circuits.  These workouts I refer to as “top down” because we start at the top of the body and work all of the major muscle groups on the way down.

After each circuit was completed we hopped on the treadmill for a 1 minute sprint.  With the few minutes we had left, we did a variety of core exercises that left me sore the next morning.

On Thursday, I was absolutely exhausted and would have probably fallen asleep if I stopped moving for long enough.  A workout was the last thing that I wanted to do which, as we all know, is the time that we must make that workout happen.

After dropping Sadie off at doggy daycare (it’s so worth the money — she is so tired by the time we pick her up) I was back at the gym and on the treadmill where I completed a 4 mile run (36:32).  I was feeling alert and awake by the time I was done on the treadmill so I also completed this pyramid style circuit workout that I had my Cross Training Boot Camp do earlier that morning:


With all of these full body exercises and the high number of reps, my heart was pounding and the sweat was flowing the entire time.  It was a great workout!

Today’s workout was broken up into 2 parts:  I had an hour to kill between clients so I did a quick look around on The Daily HIIT and decided to do 4 rounds of this killer workout.  Though a bit sweaty, I changed back into my work clothes, trained my last client for the day, and then changed back into my (cold and damp) workout clothes.  I completed a 3 mile run (27:28), spent some time stretching, and then called it a day.

Alrighty, time to take this crazy dog on a walk before I have to head to work to coach my girls.  After that, a quick get together with some old work friends and then to bed with me.  I am one tired gal!

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