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Photo Dump: What’s been going on around here

September 17, 2013

Howdy friends!!

It has been a busy time around here and I figured, rather than give you my usual ‘here-is-what-i-did-today/here-is-what-i-ate-today’ sort of post, I would show you what’s been going on by way of the photos taking up space on my iPhone.


I have really been enjoying the blender that Joe and I received as a wedding gift.  My go-to smoothie recipe is inspired by this recipe from Peanut Butter Fingers:

1 frozen banana

1 scoop chocolate protein powder

1 large spoonful peanut butter

1 single serve packet of instant coffee

3/4 – 1 cup of rice milk (enough to make sure all ingredients blend well)

We rarely have ice on hand so the frozen banana takes the place of the ice.  I use rice milk because that is what we have in the fridge but I am certain any sort of milk would do.

This smoothie was particularly yumm-tastic because not only was it tasty, it was super thick like a milk shake.  And the red and white stripey straw is always a festive addition.


I have been thoroughly enjoying all the fresh veggies in the house (with the overflow being kept in the garage) and my go-to cooking method has been to roast them.  Several days ago, after an early morning full of clients and my own workout, I got home and was really hungry.  The only thing I wanted to eat was this big bowl full of roasted vegetables.

Yes, at 8:19am.

Not weird at all – no matter what you say!


Those veggies had another starring role later that night coupled with some delicious salsa chicken.  This is one of the easiest and tastiest crock pot recipes that I use on a regular basis.  Basically, combine in a crock pot 1 large packet of boneless chicken breasts, 1 jar of salsa, 1 packet of taco seasoning, and salt and pepper to taste.

Cook on low for 6-8 hours, shred and serve.  My favorite part is that this chicken can be used in so many different ways – tacos, quesadillas, on a salad, as the main dish, in a sandwich, stuffed in a pita…..pretty much the options are endless.

There are always a ton of leftovers so I have been enjoying this chicken a lot lately.  For example:


Today’s lunch: big ‘ole salad and salsa chicken. 

Saturday morning’s Cross Training Boot Camp workout:


There were four 7 minute AMRAP stations and the class would rotate, in pairs, to each station after 7 minutes.  The members said that Saturday’s class was pretty hard but that they really liked it.  Yay me!

Oh, this happened Saturday morning:


before the blood started to flow


up close and personal

Typically when I do box jumps, I stick to the 18″ box.  While training a client several days ago, I noticed two chicks using the 24″ box and instantly I became incensed with the ‘i will do 24″ box jumps from here on out’ urge (turns out I am very competitive).

Saturday morning rolled around and I was at the gym with the place mostly empty.  I pulled out the 24″ box, took a deep breath, and jumped for my life.

And I made it!

The next 5 were also a success!!

Number 7, though, number 7 was very very unfortunate.  I am not entirely sure what happened but all I can assume is that I underestimated (perhaps got a little cocky) and my right toe didn’t quite make it on top of the box and slipped.

Oh, the pain was horrendous and very sobering.  It took me several minutes of waiting for the ‘i’m-going-hurl’ feeling to pass and finally get back on my feet.  I slowly – and very angrily – finished my workout and went on to teach my Cross Training Boot Camp but I have yet to face that 24″ box since then.

Don’t you think the battle scars went lovely with the cocktail dress that I wore Saturday night:


I know, a selfie in the bathroom….how classy.

I was all gussied up for a fundraiser that I not only attend every year, but also donate to.  I was asked to make some more jewelry for this years event and I happily obliged:


I quickly threw these together but I am pretty happy with the way they turned out.  I really do enjoy creating jewelry I just wish I had more time to spend on it and actually had something to do with it once it’s made.  I think it would be fun to sell some pieces I just don’t really know where to start.

Joe came home Sunday afternoon after being out of town for 11 days.  He was in Texas for a close friends wedding so it was just Sadie and I at home.  When he walked through the door, Sadie was overly excited.  She had been missing her buddy and was so happy to see him.  Later that night, while Joe was out back grilling dinner, I snapped this shot:


She wasn’t going to let him out of her sight!

For the last month or so, with all the rain we have been having, I have basically been ignoring our vegetable garden.  I forced myself out there today to check it out and was pleasantly surprised with what I found:



Yellow squash and zucchini — a little small so I left them out there to grow



Green and red leaf lettuce




Peas, potatoes, and carrots!

There are a few more bunches of carrots that need to be harvested as well as the squash/zucchini that I left out there.  I am truly amazed every year when something manages to grow and thrive — I really have no clue what I am doing outside of planting seeds and watering.  I long to be one of those people that instinctively knows the ins and outs of growing veggies but alas I am not.  Still though, I somehow manage to grow enough food for a couple of meals for the two of us.

Not too shabby!

So there you have it, photos dumped and the last few days have been shared.  I have a Cross Training boot camp class later this morning that I still need to prep for so I think I am going to make myself another cup of coffee and get to wok on that.

Happy Tuesday, guys, keep on trucking!

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