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From blurry to focused

August 26, 2013

All right!

That’s enough!

Time to get my sh*t together, my head back in the game!

I know that I have mentioned this several times recently, but since the wedding almost a month ago, I have gotten really lax about what and how much I eat.  Snacking and portion control are my biggest hurdles and now is the time to relearn how to beat them.

For weeks I have been mindlessly eating — little attention paid to what or how much.  All of it really a blur.

But now I am fed up!

Pissed off!

At myself and my lack of control.  I have allowed this careless eating to go on too long and now it is time to refocus.

My gym has an online meal tracking service so I am going to kill two birds with one stone; 1st: I will be able to track my calories on a daily basis, and 2nd: Knowing how to use the online system will better prepare more for showing my clients how to use it as well.

Yesterday’s Workout:

I finally got the 5 mile run in that I was hoping to do on Saturday.  It was actually a pretty decent run which I completed in 47:05.

The rest of Sunday was spent around the house cleaning, organizing, and gathering household items for donation.  There might have been some TV watching and general lounging about that also went on, but hey, isn’t that what Sunday’s are for?


Back to the grind.

After training a few clients this morning, I completed this circuit workout:

3 rounds arms legs

This was a great workout and those Incline Sprints nearly did me in!

And In Other News:

I am taking over another fitness class at my gym which I am really looking forward to!  The class is held 2 times a week in the morning and is different than the Cross Training Boot Camp that I already teach in that it is based more in strength training rather than circuit style workouts.  I think it will be a nice change of pace and a great addition to my regular work schedule.

I am subbing another Wake Up Call class tomorrow morning, so I need to take a few minutes to throw together my workout playlist.  So, ta ta for now!

p.s. I found this article/post by way of Pinterest: Falling Off The Diet and Exercise Wagon.  Pretty appropriate for today’s post, don’t you think?


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