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Blueberry picking and some catching up

August 22, 2013

Hey guys, it has been a little busy around here.  The rain has yet to let up so not only has it been busy, it has been dreary.  Apparently Mother Nature wants to steal the end of the grilling season from me – is she unaware of my insatiable need for grilled meats??!!

Over the weekend, Joe, my sister, some friends, their kids and our dogs set out for Girdwood to pick blueberries.  This is a yearly excursion for Joe, my sister, and I but this year — the more the merrier!

It was raining (surprise surprise) so we threw on rain gear from head to toe and began the hike up the side of the mountain that we go to every year for blueberries.  About halfway up, we were stopped and told that the side of the mountain was closed to all hiking because construction was going on.

……..ex-squeeze me? 

……..baking powder?

I don’t do well when people tell me I can’t do something so I didn’t take this news well.  Fortunately, though, they were nice enough to give us directions to another area to pick blueberries, so we loaded up and drove a few minutes away to another hiking trail.

This hiking trail was absolutely beautiful!!  It was like a hidden treasure at the end of a very long and windy road:



We spent several hours clinging to the side of the mountain picking blueberries and walked away with our buckets pleasantly full:


We are hoping to take another trip out in the next week or two and try our usual spot.  Let’s hope they are done with their construction (jerks).


My day started early on Tuesday with some early morning clients and then the Cross Training Boot Camp class that I teach 3 days a week.  After that class, I changed into my own workout clothes and then completed 5 (less-than-enthusiastic) rounds of this circuit:

5 minute step mill

5 burpees

100 Jump Rope

I was very tired during this workout and –  as much as I hate to admit it – couldn’t wait for it to be over.

Eh, not every workout is going to be a winner, right?

Tuesday was the last day of summer practice for the gymnasts that I coach.  This means that I am back to coaching in the evenings — geez, can’t they all just do home school to accommodate my schedule?  Seriously!

I have been scraping the bottom of the barrel fridge for snacks these last few days and this is what I came up with on Tuesday:


The pistachios were a great snack that kept me full for hours.  The apricots on the other hand were fairly bland.  Lame.


Wednesday was set to be a very productive day.  Since school started on Wednesday, we gave the girls the rest of the week off from practice. This meant that after my morning clients the day was all mine!

I had a list of things that I needed to get done but apparently, these late nights and early mornings have caught up with me because I slept much of the afternoon away.

As much as I hate the wasted time I can tell that I really needed all the extra sleep — this morning, it was so much easier to get out of bed and I wasn’t yawning my way through my morning clients and boot camp classes.

In between comas, I did manage to get an at-home workout done.  Here is what I did:



Like I mentioned, this morning was a heck of a lot easier to face with all that sleep that I got yesterday.  I had one client this morning and then I subbed the Wake Up Call class from 6-7am.  I have subbed this same class one time before and unlike the first time I subbed where I had everything planned out to the last second, this time I took a more relaxed approach and just sort of winged it.

There is a specific lay out for this class in regards to how much time is spent on the warm-up, cardio, arms, legs, and abs (mostly divided up by songs) so I had a great base on which to create this mornings class.

In this class, I actually do the workout with them so I got a super sweaty workout in before 7am!  I am subbing this class for several weeks, twice a week, and I am really looking forward to it.

Immediately after that class, I lead my Cross Training Boot Camp where they warmed up with 15/45 timed intervals.  After that, they completed 3 sets of a super set-type workout.  They were struggling with the last set which included 3 rounds of 15 burpees and 15 tuck jumps so I hopped in there with them and finished to the end.

It was a great morning at the gym!

The rest of today is going to spent doing chores around the house, dropping Sadie off at doggy day care, getting back to the gym early for my own workout and then training a few evening clients.

A full day on the books but already a good one!


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