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Oh, is it Monday? Gee, I hadn’t a f-ing clue!

August 19, 2013

Do you sense that?

That sheer and utter sarcasm with which I titled this post.

Yup, that’s it.  The one dripping with disdain.

Let me lay the scene for you:

I had a bit of a rough time getting out of bed this morning.  Nothing new, 3am comes really early.

My first client was at 5:30am and within minutes of walking through the front door of the gym, I managed to spill the entire contents of my water bottle all over the floor.

Strike 1.

After my morning clients and my own workout, I headed back home for a shower and to make myself a smoothie.  Turns out, it would be best if I actually knew how to use the blender:


Strike 2.

Soon after remaking and enjoying my smoothie, it was time for a shower.  Wouldn’t you know it….Joe was kind enough to use all of the hot water so my shower was luke-warm at best.

Strike 3.

By 9am this morning, this day had already struck out and was on it’s way to the dug out!

The rest of the day eventually came around and ended with a fire in the fire place and an episode of Dexter.


Today’s workout started on the treadmill where I completed 20 minutes of running and side shuffles:


Once I was done on the treadmill, I completed this AMRAP workout:


This was a pretty awesome workout, I think I will have my Boot Camp do a similar workout to this one tomorrow!

I had about 2 hours to kill between coaching and my evening clients, so I hopped back on the treadmill and ran 4 miles (37:18).  I have to admit, it felt really good to be running today.  I don’t know what it is, but some days running couldn’t be farther down on the list of things I want to be doing.  Other days, though, I can think of nothing else but tying my shoes and running.

Rather strange, isn’t it — this weird relationship we can create with certain aspects of our lives?


Joe had dinner plans with some people from work and thankfully, he brought me home some dinner:


mmmmmmm… good!

So I guess the moral of the story, kids, no matter how much of a cesspool your day may start out to be, there is always the possibility for it to turn itself around.

Who knew?


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