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Who’s the old lady?

August 16, 2013

Oh wait, that would be me!


Apparently this is what happens when you get married — you instantly become an old lady.

Please, let me explain.

Yesterday was yet another long day: early morning clients, coaching from morning to early afternoon, and a handful of evening clients.  By the time 6pm rolled around I was exhausted.  I got home, grabbed a few magazines, and then plopped myself onto the recliner for some veg-out time.  Within minutes, I was passed out.

Like the head-back-mouth-open-totally-unattractive sleep that comes when your body and brain say “enough!”

I woke up when Joe got home but was only awake enough to mumble a feeble ‘hello’ and then I was back out.  I woke up again when Joe, bless his heart, told me dinner was ready.  I stayed awake long enough to eat dinner and soon after it was off to sleep land once again.

I am the life of the party, can’t you tell?

Yesterday’s Workout:

Yesterday’s workout was a 3 round circuit style workout….my fave!  Here is what I did:


Much like the day before, I was rather slow moving but I am happy that I got my workout done.  After this circuit, I had some extra time so I climbed onto a treadmill and did 20 minutes of incline walking.  I wanted to get some cardio in that I didn’t have to think about and where I didn’t have to work too hard.  It was nice to just walk and zone out for a while!

Yesterday’s Lunch:

Look at this beauty:


Lunch yesterday was eaten at work and consisted of this awesome salad — lettuce, onion, grape tomatoes, yellow bell pepper, cauliflower, and grilled chicken.  Yum and more yum!!

Today was another early morning full of clients but the best part of today was….I had absolutely nothing else to do!!  I was done with work by 7am and the rest of the day was mine, all mine!

I got quite a bit done around the house today and I even broke in our brand-spankin’-new blender.  This inaugural use called for a smoothie:


The recipe was inspired by this smoothie over at PB Fingers.

For my first smoothie it wasn’t too shabby.  I am looking forward to coming up with some interesting concoctions with fresh fruit and even some veggies.  I will let you know how they turn out!

Enjoy your weekend, friends.


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