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Oh the laziness

August 12, 2013

This weekend reached a level of laziness that is rare around this home.  Though I did work Saturday morning, the rest of the weekend was basically spent in front of the TV watching movies and doing chores around the house.

Ahhh, much needed laziness!

Saturday’s Workout:

I had one client Saturday morning as well as my cross training boot camp class.  I got to the gym early enough to get in my own workout and still have enough time to shower.  I warmed up with 10 minutes on the step mill and after I was nice and sweaty, I completed this high intensity circuit workout:


I still had a few extra minutes to spare so I did 3 rounds of this ab workout:


The rest of the day was spent at home cleaning, napping, and lazing about.  We eventually ended up at Blockbuster where we rented Identity Theft and Oz The Great and Powerful.

Being in Blockbuster was like stepping back in time:


Growing up, we made several trips a week to Blockbuster to rent movie after movie.  It was over these movies that my brother and I bonded — his love for movies and movie-making grew and he allowed me to tag along for the ride.  Not only were the new releases on the top of our watch lists, but there were many times where he would sit me down in front of old and/or obscure titles and I was enchanted by each and every one of them.

On Sunday, the laziness continued.  More movie watching, more chores here and there.  Around 3pm, I detached myself from the recliner and threw together a quick at-home workout.

Sunday’s Workout:

Looking for inspiration, I hopped on over to The Daily HIIT   (formerly Body Rock TV), browsed a bit, and came up with this workout:


Though I was all sorts of sweaty by the time I completed the third round of this circuit, I still had a little bit of energy left in the tank so I quickly completed 3 rounds of:

15 Goblet Squats

10 ea. 1 Arm Snatches

The shower that followed was well-deserved!

Sunday Dinner:

It has been raining non-stop for a week now.  The amazingly hot and sunny weather we got used to this summer appears to be over — replaced with gray skies and muddy puddles.  Weather such as this calls for something warm and comforting for dinner so Joe made up a huge pot of salmon chowder:


Not only was this meal absolutely delicious, it was the perfect way to end a great weekend!

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