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Some workouts for ya’!

July 30, 2013

Hey guys, as I am sure you can expect, things are getting a little hectic around here.  As I type this, Joe, his brother, and his sister and law are picking their mom up  from the airport.  They are the first of the out of town family members to arrive in Alaska so, let the festivities begin!

Sunday’s Workout:

I had a few clients Sunday afternoon and, it being Sunday, had absolutely no desire to get to the gym early to get my workout done.  I waited until I was done with my last training session and then changed into my workout clothes.  I was feeling a little achy so the mileage that I had planned to do yesterday just didn’t happen.  Instead, I improvised with this quick circuit workout:


And if that weren’t enough, I for some reason, felt it necessary to do 3 sets of 3 stair runs (down and up being 1 run) with a 50 pound barbell on my shoulders.  It was terrible but I loved it!!

Monday’s Workout:

I don’t know what I did in Sunday’s workout (perhaps all those stairs) but I really irritated my lower back.  I may have mentioned it a long time ago, but I have a bulging and/or torn disc in my lower spine which gets fussy from time to time.  When it gets really bad, I end up standing crooked and limping when I walk.  Imagine my horror when, 5 days before I am to walk down the aisle, I am moving around like an extra from The Walking Dead (love that show by the way!!)

A lot of walking and stretching later, I was able to loosen it up enough to get a very low impact cardio workout done:


Being on the incline was actually easier on my back than being on a flat treadmill so this workout wasn’t too terrible for me.

Today’s Workout:

I am happy to report that my back is much, much better!  I took that as a sign to get after it at the gym this morning which is exactly what I did.  I had absolutely no time to workout between my last morning client and coaching so I was at the gym before 5am.  Let me tell you, it was terrible.  It is one thing to be training someone at 5am but it is something very different, something much more painful to be the one doing the workout.  That being said, I battled my way through this full body circuit workout:


This is the same workout that I had my cross training boot camp do today and they said it was a great workout.  I would have to agree.

Alright friends, not a whole lot else for you.  I wish I could write more (there is a lot on my mind regarding all things health and fitness) but alas I need to disconnect and get some more to-do’s checked off my list.

Peace out!


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