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This weather….

July 22, 2013

….is AMAZING!!!

This summer has been unlike any I have seen in Alaska in many, many years.  We have had record hot temperatures this summer and we even made it into the 80’s today!

I am a hot weather devotee (Then why do I live in Alaska? I wonder the same thing!) so this summer has been all I could have ever dreamed for!!

Whatever you got going on, Mother Nature, keep it up.


Joe and I realized this morning that this is our last full week of work before we get into “wedding week.”  I am not sure how it all happened so fast, but apparently we are seriously in go mode!  We got quite a few things crossed off our list (or at the very least started) so I am feeling pretty good about getting it all done.

Unfortunately, just about every night this week is booked until late so I am not sure when we are going to get the chance to tackle these projects.

Grrrr, never enough hours in the day!


I had a 6am client this morning so after putting her through her workout, I did a workout of my own.  I had a hankering for a run so run I did!  I completed 3 miles in 26:53 and boy, did it feel good to run!  It has been a while since I have felt that way so I sure hope it keeps up.

After those 3 miles, I climbed to the top of the step mill and completed 15 minutes of sprint intervals.  I was all sorts of sweaty and out of breath after that one.

Today’s workout was one of those ones that left me wanting to do more.  Has that ever happened to you?  If I wasn’t having to keep an eye on the clock I would have thrown together a circuit to round out this workout.

Ah well, I (much like the rest of the world) am a slave to the clock.  I hope I have that same enthusiasm for tomorrow mornings workout because right now I am wanting to work and work hard!!

The rest of today was spent coaching my team girls and then I headed back over to the gym where I trained 3 clients.  I had 5 total on tonight’s schedule, but the last two cancelled on me (probably because they wanted to enjoy this lovely weather — who can blame them?) so I packed it up early and headed home.

Tonight, Joe and I are meeting some friends of mine as a farewell dinner for some of my most favorite people in the world.  It is so very sad to see them go, but I do wish them the best.  On the bright side, they are moving to Orlando, so guess who has a free place to stay when she wants to go to Disney World!!??

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