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She’s got bangs!

July 19, 2013

I hope you have your ice skates handy because hell may have just frozen over.

I got a little adventurous with my hair yesterday and if you were to ask anyone who knows me, they would tell you….well, first you would have to wake them up after that passed out from the shock!  On a good day, my hair gets a braid or a little twisty-doodle (industry term) and if I absolutely must I will flat iron it.

After the hair trial that I did on Saturday I knew that I needed to add some layers to get the ‘do that I want on the day of the wedding.  I got some bangs cut and, though I was nervous and sweating through the whole process, I think I like ’em:


I have been noticing the sky these past few mornings as I have been heading into the gym at 4:30am:


The extended light hours of Alaska never cease to amaze me.  Though it does make me wonder, how easy it is going to be to get out of the house this early in the winter when sunlight is sparse.

We shall see!

Wednesday’s Workout….

….was tough!  I started off on the treadmill where I warmed up with 20 minutes of run/sprint intervals.  I then moved onto this killer circuit workout:


It may not look like much but there are a lot of legs and shoulders in this one.  This workout, 2 days later, still has me walking funny and with shoulders sore to the touch!  Must have done something right!

I still had some time before my client that evening, so I got back on the treadmill and walked (legs were dead by this point) at a steady pace for 15 minutes.  I also spent a fair amount of time stretching and foam rolling and man, I really needed it.

Wednesday’s Dinner:

I have been craving all things clean eating and Wednesday’s dinner was no exception:


seasoned chicken and roasted veggies!

Things have been going well in the eating department until Joe made me do this:


Yes.  Made me.  I tried to fight it but the ice cream was thrust into my hand….what was a girl to do??

So, not really.

He suggested an ice cream date and I was weak.  I gave in.

But it was oh so delicious!

Thursday’s Workout

I was still feeling pretty run down (tired, sore body) so wasn’t too enthusiastic about yesterday’s workout.  That being said, I did it anyways:


I am planning on having my Saturday cross training boot camp do a workout similar to this so I am interested in their thoughts on it after they are done.

I did some running around town yesterday afternoon before my hair cut.  I stopped by JC Penney looking for a dress for the rehearsal dinner and ended up walking away with three of them!  Apparently I need an outside opinion on these ones because I just couldn’t decide — I will be returning the two that I don’t choose.  Ain’t nobody got money for three new dresses!!

I had a 5am client this morning and after that session I rushed back home to send out some wedding related emails and to write this post.  I have a meeting today with event coordinator of the hotel where we are getting married and after that I have a whole list of to-do’s.

Thank goodness for fairly unscheduled Fridays.  I sure do get a lot done!

Later homies!


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