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Curse you connection!

July 12, 2013

We are still battling internet connectivity at our home hence why I haven’t posted in several days.  I feel as if we have been parted for so long which requires one thing and one thing only:



open, grassy field

arms outstretched

slow motion running towards one another

who’s in?

I finally have some time to sit at the coffee shop, lap top in hand (oddly not on lap), and utilize their free wi-fi to get a post written.  So, here we are!


So Wednesday morning, I had a 5am client (this waking up crazy early is actually get a lot easier) and then I did my own cardio workout that went a little something like this:


I had every intention of taking Sadie for a run later in the day on Wednesday.  It was a colossal fail.  I got home from work and she and I immediately fell asleep.  Oh sure, I loved the 1 hour cat nap, but sad that it thwarted my running plans.  Ah well.


Yesterday morning, I was up and at ’em early once again.  In list form, here is what I did, all before 9am:

5am client

5:30am ran 4 miles on treadmill

7am taught cross training boot camp class

8am completed my own circuit workout

9am showered and on the road!

After that busy morning, I found myself with a little extra time before I had to start coaching so I sat at the coffee shop – same one I am sitting at right now, as a matter of fact – and enjoyed a hot cup of coffee:


It was a nice breather before I started the craziness that was 5 hours of coaching!!

Oh, before I forget, here is the circuit workout that I had my boot camp class do (and the circuit that I did once class was over):


I absolutely love AMRAP workouts.  The balls-to-the-walls, hurry-up-and-get-it-done style speaks to me!  I know that, no matter how tired and worn out I am, I only have a short amount of time so I had better not stop.  Gotta love it!

The rest of the day was spent coaching and then it was back to the gym, working with some new clients and sitting through some enrollments (one of which was my Mother — gonna work her out!).  It was a bit of a late night for me – especially with another early morning waiting for me today – but I left the gym feeling confident and happy with the work I had done that day.


I was up and out of bed around 3:30am this morning to be at the gym by 4:45am — I had my usual 5am client and then a new 6am client.  As per usual, I took advantage of the fact that I was at the gym and completed my own workout.  While waiting for my second client, I got to thinking about what sort of workout I wanted to day today.  As I was mentally running through a variety of exercises I decided I was going to throw together a circuit of some of my all-time favorite exercises.  Here is what I came up with:


Looking at this list now, though, I know that there are many that are missing so I may just have to do a series of favorites.  After I completed three rounds of this circuit I also did 2 rounds of what I am titling AMBCAP – not to be confused with AMRAP.  Whereas AMRAP stands for As Many Rounds As Possible, AMBCAP stands for As Many Bear Complex As Possible.

If you don’t know, the Bear Complex is a series of barbell strength moves strung together to create one killer maneuver.  It consists of the following:


front squat

push press

back squat

push press

(lather, rinse, repeat)

I did as many of these as possible in 1 minutes which, turns out, isn’t a whole lot. HA!  I was able to complete 4 Bear Complex’s in each of the 1 minute time allotments.

Ok, we are caught up and I have got to get out of here.  I have a dentist appointment (lame) in 15 minutes so I need to hit the road!

Enjoy the start of your weekend, pals!


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