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June 29, 2013

So, good news….I am taking over the cross training bootcamp!!! This last week and a half I have been subbing the class and I got the official word on Friday that it is officially all mine!!  I am very excited about this – in case you couldn’t tell – and I am looking forward to teaching many, many classes in the future.


I have begun to make a habit of, on the days that I am teaching the cross training class, I will do the workout that I have planned for the class either before or after class.  Today was no exception so I got to the gym a little after 7am and warmed up with 10 minutes of running on the treadmill.  Once warm, I completed this 4 AMRAPs, 1 Workout circuit:


This workout was killer!  I was dripping by the time I was done.  The class raved about it — they were all dying by the end, but by the time the last of the 7 minute AMRAP’s was up, they were hooting and hollering because they loved it!!

That made me feel awesome!


In hopes of saving a little money, Joe and I decided to make our Saturday breakfast sandwiches at home rather than spend money on them at Great Harvest Bread Company:


It actually turned out really good and it kept me full for hours afterwards.  Win win!

The rest of the day was spent cleaning the house, getting rid of stuff, and even shampooing the carpets.  Yeah, we sure do know how to party, right?

Since we spent most of the day slaving away on the house, we decided to go out for dinner and to utilize some gift cards that have been piling up.  We decided to eat at a local restaurant, Orso, and for our appetizer we chose the fondue:


It was the cutest little pot of hot cheese I have ever seen!  We both ordered fresh fish off the menu both of which were yummy!  I wasn’t able to finish mine so I had it boxed up to take with me.  I then promptly left it on the table after we left.  sigh.  Can’t win them all, I guess!!

Tomorrow afternoon, I have a client at 11am and then I am off to have my wedding dress fitted for alterations.  I hope my super size dinner doesn’t interfere with the correct size!!

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