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Getting out the front door

June 25, 2013

Yesterday’s Workout:

These last few weeks, I have had a hell of a time convincing myself to go outside in the wee hours of morning to get a run – or at the very least a long bike ride – in for that days workout. I somehow always manage to talk myself out of it, “it’s going to be cold out there”, “the mosquitoes will be terrible”, “what is that? an ache in my calf? Guess i shouldn’t push it.”

Yup, that has been me these many many past mornings.  What makes it worse is that I am having this inner conversation with myself from the warmth and comfort on my recliner (often with a hot cup of coffee in my hand).  So no wonder I can’t force myself out the door!!

Basically this is a all a lead up to explain, 1) why I have been slacking on the mileage these past few weeks, and 2) why I have been spending a lot of time doing workout DVD’s indoors rather than working out outside.

This all brings us to yesterday morning, where this timeless debate/inner struggle once again took place.  I convinced myself that it was going to be too chilly to head out for a run so instead I popped in a 45 minute Insanity DVD followed by a 20 minute Bob Harper Skinny Rules DVD and called it a workout.  I was still worn out and sweaty when it was all over so I guess that should account for something, right?

The rest of yesterday was spent coaching and then tuxedo shopping for the wedding.  Turns out, we are a little over 5 weeks out and there SO MUCH to do still!!  ACK!! Is it too late to elope??

Today’s Workout

My day started at the gym where I took the 6am Wake Up Call class where we did lots of standing cardio and tons of legs.  I left class a little early so that I could prepare for the cross training class that I was subbing at 7am.

This was the last cross training class that I was subbing so I wanted to make sure it was a good one.  I had the class warm up with a variety of suicide/shuttle runs — first without weights and then with weights.  After some stair runs and jumping jacks, the class was warmed up and ready to go.

I had them do a 4 round circuit where they had 2 minutes to complete 3 exercises followed by 1 minute of rest.  After these four rounds (and believe you me they were working hard!) I had them do a variety of exercises on the BOSU including cleans, dead lifts, and burpees.  I liked watching the class go from ‘there is no way I am going to be able to stand on this thing’ to ‘hey, i think i have got the hang of it!’  It was pretty cool to watch them overcome their doubts and be successful.

After teaching the cross training class, I changed back into my workout clothes and did a bunch of cardio.  It went a little something like this:

20 minutes running on treadmill

10 minutes on stepmill

5 minutes jump rope

10 minutes running on treadmill

5 minutes on stepmill

1 minute jump rope

I was pretty dead after this workout (not to mention that 6am class) so I was happy to hit the showers!!

The rest of the day was full of work and more work followed by some much needed wine time with a dear friend.

I have a client at 5am tomorrow morning (yes, it is as painful as it sounds) so I need to make sure I have everything ready so that I can get out the door in a timely manner.

Peace out, homies!

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