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Sunday, finally!

June 23, 2013

Today was a good day, a day I have been needing for quite some time.  The house was in serious need of attention and a list-full of to do’s has been nagging at me for a while now.  Today, though, I was able to spend some time catching up on laundry, chores, and even some work. Today was a success!


Today’s workout was done in front of the TV — I started off with 40 minutes of an Insanity video which was all about cardio.  I then moved on to a Bob Harper DVD which really killed me.  This wasn’t only a good at-home workout, it was a great workout all together.

After this mornings workout, I had to take a quick shower and rush off to the gym to train my first client.  I thought I would be more nervous, but (as hokey as this may sound) it seemed to come naturally.  After taking her through a fitness assessment and getting her measurements, we spent the rest of the session focusing on core strength exercises.  Before I knew it, the session was over and we were making plans for next weeks session.  It was awesome!  I hope all my clients are as pleasant and receptive as she is.

Joe was out mountain biking for most of the afternoon so Sadie and I had the place to ourselves.  After a long walk, Sadie settled into nap #5 for the day while I got caught up on some work and tackled the laundry.

After Joe got home, we took Sadie to the vet to get the staples taken out of her neck:


They are kind of hard to see now that her fur has begun to grow back, but if you look close you can see the 5 staples she got after a fight with one of my sister’s dogs.  Remember this:


According to the vet, she has healed up perfectly and the scar will hardly be noticeable.  Thank goodness!!

While sitting at the vet waiting to be seen, Joe and I came up with plans to see a movie.  After dropping Sadie back at home, we headed to the movie theatre to catch Man of Steel.

It was an awesome movie with more explosions, fights, crashes, and breaking glass than I have ever seen!!  Though there were times when I struggled to keep up with all that was going on, I still really enjoyed it.

An impromptu date night!  Yay!!

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