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First class!!

June 21, 2013

Yesterday morning I got to teach my first 1-hour, cross training boot camp class and it was awesome!! This is typically the class I take on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings so I knew what to expect with regards to the type of workout the class likes to do and at what intensity level.

I started off the day with the 6am wake up call class.  My legs are horrifically sore from Wednesday’s workout — there were lots of below-90-degree-squats — and I was a little hobbled yesterday (and today, as a matter of fact).  In the wake up call class, we did lots of cardio and some weights.  I skipped out on the last 10 minutes as I needed to get changed and set up for the cross training class that I was teaching.

I started the class off with a quick warm up:

3 rounds:

1 minute Jog

1 minute Sprint

1 Minute Jump Rope

After they were nice and warmed up, I put them through this 4 round HIIT workout:


With about 15 minutes left in class, I gave them this circuit workout to do:


With both circuits, especially this second one, I made sure to pay attention to and give them tips on their form with each exercise.  I wanted the class to be able to correctly and safely perform the exercises so that when they try them on their own, they are sure to do them correctly.

They finished this second circuit with just enough time to get some stretches done and then I sent them on their way.  I made sure to ask them how they thought the class went and I got lots of good and positive feedback.  They even mentioned that they appreciated the corrections on their form!

It was a great first class and I hope that there are many more like them in the future.

Yesterday’s Workout

I had an hour and half before I had to start coaching so I changed back into my workout clothes (a little sweaty from the 6am class) and did this entire workout myself.  It was a good one!!

Yesterday’s Lunch

Joe, being the sweety that he is, packed me up a salad for yesterday’s lunch the night before:


This tupper wear was so jam-packed full of veggie goodness that the salad leapt out of me when I took the lid off!!  This salad included carrots, onions, and bell peppers and it was really good!!

Today’s Workout

This week is wearing me thin and it was really difficult to drag myself out of bed.  Once I was out, it was even harder to keep my eyes open and the thought of putting myself through in intense workout or long run made me sadder than sad.  I compromised (with myself?) and did a 3 round core workout:


I guess the compromise would be that I got to lay on the floor for all of these so it was the closest I was going to get to sleeping while still getting a workout done!

Well, I am off to my last day of shadowing other trainers at the gym so I am outta here.

I hope you guys enjoy the start of your weekend!!


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