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Happy Father’s Day and some exciting news!!

June 16, 2013

Today was a day spent (mostly) at home.  Last night I was in bed, curled up with a book, before 9:30pm (i’m such a granny).  I didn’t set an alarm for myself yet still managed to wake up around 6:30am.

After a breakfast of toasted english muffin with PB and some Greek yogurt, I lounged around for bit watching the news and doing some reading.  I eventually made it out of the house and to the gym.


Upon arriving at the gym, I brought the number of people currently there from 2 to 3.  I love having the gym (basically) to myself! I started off on the treadmill with 35 minutes of walking, running, sprinting, and lateral shuffling — it was a bit of everything:


There is a lot of messing with the treadmill controls on this workout so I may not do this one again, but either way I was sweating up a storm.

I then gathered all the necessary items I needed for the AMRAP x 3 workout that I had planned:


As I am sure you know, AMRAP stands for As Many Rounds As Possible.  That comes into play with this workout as you complete as many rounds of the 3 exercises as you can in the 7 allotted minutes.  Do that with 3 different circuits and you have an intense, 27 minute workout!!

Here are my scores:

AMRAP 1 = 2 rounds + 10 reps

AMRAP 2 = 3 rounds

AMRAP 3 = 3 rounds

Today’s gym time was sweaty and fairly intense and I am grateful for it!!

And for the news….

For many months, I have been in communication with the general manager of my gym about doing some project-oriented work for them.  Though he seemed very interested in my ideas and what I had to offer, we couldn’t quite get my schedule and the needs of the gym to mesh.  I mentioned that I was working on my pt certification and was told that as soon as I was certified, he would hire me as a trainer.

Well, I am certified and come Monday, I will begin working as a personal trainer!!  I am overly excited to start a career (as in, I plan on doing this for a very long time) in the health and fitness industry!!! The best part is that, as an employee, I will be able to begin working on the projects that I originally proposed many months ago.

I am very much looking forward to what all this is going to mean for me and my endless passion for health and fitness!

Well, Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers and father figures that make such an important impact on their children’s lives.  Speaking of amazing fathers, I am off to spend an evening with my Dad.

Goodnight, pals!


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