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oh now I remember….

June 14, 2013

….why I prefer working out first thing in the morning.  Though I woke up on time this morning, I struggled to stay awake through my breakfast and coffee.  I quickly ran out of time to make it to the gym with enough time to get in a decent workout so I threw in the towel and headed back to bed for about 45 minutes.  The sleep was much needed but it royally screwed up my workout plans for the day.  But, more on that later!

Some Eats:

I haven’t been all that great about posting meals these last few weeks and they have been piling up in my photo folder so here are some eats from the last few days.


Our fridge has been very bare bones this last week so we have been eating out of the freezer and throwing together what produce we have left.  This was Wednesday’s dinner where we had seasoned chicken breast, roasted peanut potatoes, and roasted broccoli.  I’m not sure where we went wrong with this meal, but it wasn’t the best we have ever cooked together.  That being said, though, the roasted peanut potatoes were yum!


Thursday’s dinner was a vast improvement!! Marinated pork chops cooked on the grill, roasted sweet potatoes, and steamed sugar snap peas.  The sugar snap peas were excavated from the depths of our freezer and, though steaming, were still partially frozen when it was time to eat.  So, they missed the photo shoot.  These were some of the best pork chops I have had in a long time — they marinated for several days (many moons ago) before they were placed in the freezer so they were full of flavor.  To keep them juicy while grilling, Joe regularly brushed then with the left over marinade.  So damn good!


I finally broke down and went to the store today.  I stocked up on a ton of fresh produce as well as oatmeal, Greek yogurt, peanut butter (we were dangerously low!), and some dark chocolate.  I am on my own tonight so you know what that means…..veggies for dinner!!  I highly doubt Joe would ever be okay with just some roasted veggies and a small salad for dinner so whenever he is out getting his nerd-on with friends, I take advantage of the situation and eat my weight in the good stuff!


A plate full of these gems – sweet potatoes, onions, cauliflower, asparagus, and carrots – and a small salad left my belly super full!!  Mmmmm, love me some veggies.

Color Run:

The Color Run Anchorage is tomorrow and I am so SO excited!!  I went to Sports Authority today to pick up our race packets and was mortified to find a line so long it would rival a line at Disney World during Spring Break!!  Luckily though, the check in process worked like a well-oiled machine and it was only a few minutes before I had our packets in hand and was headed for the door.

One problem, though, I was in the middle of Sports Authority and couldn’t help but look around.  I tried on a large handful of workout/work gear and left with several new items!!

Today’s Workout:

So yeah, I didn’t get to my usual morning workout and before I knew it, work and errands had taken up most of my day.  Around 6pm, I started thinking about dinner and knew that if I ate dinner before I worked out, the workout would never happen.  I quickly prepped the veggies for roasting and while they were in the oven, I did an intense Insanity DVD.  Following that 45-ish minutes of cardio and plyos, I spent some time stretching and doing core work.

So, it wasn’t what I had planned (or even wanted) to do for today’s workout but I know it is a thousand times better than doing nothing at all.

I have some fairly exciting news to share with you guys, but it is going to have to wait until tomorrow!  Laundry and a needy dog are calling me.

Good night!!

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