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I’m Alive….

June 6, 2013

….I swear.

Late night study sessions have kept me from writing posts the last few nights so I do apologize for my absence.  Seeing as how my personal training certification test is a mere 4 days away, I have been using every spare moment I can get to study.  Case in point:


I snapped this photo last night while caramelizing some onions for dinner and cramming some terms.  I was really struggling with this handful of note cards and for whatever reason could not get the terms and definitions to stick in my brain. I finally had to lay them all out at so I could see everything at once — it seemed to have worked because these fancy terms finally stuck.

During this kitchen study “sesh” I was so tired of sitting and studying and just had to move my body.  I did a bunch of squats, dips, push ups, and lateral lunges while stirring dinner and reciting the definitions off of the note cards out loud — little known fact, if you look up the work multitask in the dictionary, you’ll find a picture of me!

But, I have gotten ahead of myself.  We have some catching up to do!

Tuesday Workout

Seeing as how it was a Tuesday morning, I found myself at the gym at 6am for the Wake Up Call class.  As always we spent the first 20 or so minutes warming up with a variety of low impact cardio exercises.  Once warm, we busted out the hand weights and did tons…TONS of bicep curls, hammer curls, and shoulder presses.  Oh, my arms were on fire!  We then spent some time on the floor doing a series of core exercises and stretching.

Following that fairly exhausting class, I did the 7am cross training class that started with a 5 minute warm up jog on the treadmill.  We then did 5 rounds of a circuit that included box jumps, ropes, squat and press, and kettle bell swings. Each exercise was done for 45 seconds with only enough time in between to transition to the next exercise.  We were all pretty worn out by the time we were done with this circuit — it was a good workout!

Wednesday Breakfast

I woke up on Wednesday morning to discover that I was completely out of the necessary items to make hot cereal.  Thank goodness there were enough items in the fridge for me to improvise a breakfast:


not too shabby!

Wednesday Workout

As you may know, yesterday was National Running Day.  Though I was unaware of this as I headed out for an early morning 5 mile run I am happy that I got a run in on this most esteemed of days!


It was by far not my best run ever — I was feeling tired and sluggish and wasn’t able to get into the “groove” until after mile 3.  I completed the 5 miles in 49:08 and sure was happy that it was over.  You can’t win them all but I am still glad that I got out for a run.

After Workout Snack

I found myself at Costco late last week (Costco always gives me shopping rage — it’s like road rage but I am at the wheel of a shopping cart rather than a car) and was, unfortunately doing some hunger shopping.  For many, many years I have been in search of a snack in bar-form that is not only tasty but has recognizable ingredients on it’s ingredient list, and a reasonable amount of calories.  I took a chance on a box of Larabar’s and I am so glad that I did!  I have tried all 3 flavors that came in the box and each one is so good!  I have been having them as an after workout snack for several days now:


After work on Wednesday, the clear-ish skies were calling me so I hooked Sadie up to the bike and off we went for a long bike ride.  Sadie was in beast-mode and all she wanted to was run and run hard!!  Here we are at our turn around point:


still not tired!

On the way back home, I snapped this pic from the top of a bridge:


If you can look past that dark cloud it is a pretty serene scene.

Today’s Workout

And we have made it to today!!

This morning I was back at the gym for another 6am Wake Up Call class.  For some reason, the instructor has a serious vendetta against our glutes because, good God, she was killing us with the squats, frog jumps, and butt busters!!

The 7am cross training class was only just okay.  Our usual instructor will be out of town for the next 2 months so we have a new guy teaching us.  Perhaps I don’t do so well with changes like this but I wasn’t digging today’s class.

What can you do though?

After Workout Snack


Yup, another Larabar!  I think the Apple Pie flavor is my favorite!

Color Run

I finally got around to signing up for the Color Run that will be taking place here in Anchorage a week from Saturday.  I have never done a color run but have wanted to try it for as long as I have been aware of them!!  I am running with a Joe and a team of friends and I can not wait!!

All right.

There you have it.

We are caught up.

Now, time to get back to studying.

Sigh.  Just keep swimming studying, just keep swimming studying…..

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