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Crunch time

May 29, 2013

Unfortunately I am not referring to a series of ab exercises.  Rather it is beginning to hit me that in less than 2 weeks I will be taking my personal training certification test and I am freaking-the-f-out!!

Every spare moment I have lately (which hasn’t been much, mind you) is spent studying.  At all times I have a stash of flash cards or study guides on my person so I can get in a quick moment of review when the opportunity arises.  My boss and Joe have been kind of enough to quiz me on any stack of flash cards that I force into their hands.  I have even taken to reciting terminology and definition to the athletes I coach so that I have a continual stream of test information flowing at all times.  They are less than enthusiastic about the subject, but they are good sports!!


I had a rough go of it getting out of the house this morning — no amount of coffee could keep my eye lids open so I got to the gym later than I had wanted to.  I completed a super quick circuit workout that went a little something like this:


So, run 1 mile then complete 2 rounds of the mini-circuit below.  Run another mile, complete 2 rounds of the mini-circuit below that and so forth.  Normally when I do circuits like this I will do at least 3 rounds of each “mini-circuit” but my slow morning left me in a bit of a rush, so I cut it down to 2 rounds.

My mile times:

mile 1 = 9:27

mile 2 = 8:43

mile 3 = 8:30

It has been a while since I have done pull ups so I was struggling a bit — they eventually turned into kipping pull ups so the momentum certainly did help get my chin over the bar.  That being said though, I am already feeling that wonderful soreness in my shoulders and upper back so I must have done something right!

After today’s workout and a quick shower I hustled over to the coffee shop so that I could study for a little over an hour before it was time for me so start coaching:


So much information!

Well, it is time to rest these old bones and to give my brain a chance to absorb as much study material as possible!

Goodnight, Neverland!

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