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Kauai: Roosters, Today’s Workout, and Exploring

May 11, 2013
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An interesting quirk about Kauai is that there are chicken everywhere.


No really, everywhere.  On Wednesday, when we were ziplining, about 2/3 of the way down the valley there were chickens.  Just wandering around.  In the middle of the jungle.

I want it known than I have a soft spot for chickens.  Growing up, my Grandparents lived about 4 hours away in Homer, AK and my Granny raised chickens.  When we would visit, I always loved tromping out to the coup in the morning to collect the eggs and tend to the chickens.  Sometimes, my Granny would have a box of eggs incubating and we got to watch as they hatched.

So, being here and being surrounding by these interesting creatures has been heart warming.

That is, until this morning!

The roosters will cock-a-doodle-doo all the time and at anytime of the day.  This does not normally bother me — actually I find it rather down-homey and charming.  This morning, though, it was as if there was a rooster standing on our balcony having a crowing fight with another rooster at 4am.


Workout — May 11, 2013

Today called for another 3 mile run.  I figure, even though I am working out every morning, I am still on vacation so I don’t want to spend an hour or more working out.  So, 3 miles — less than 30 minutes — is perfect.  I completed today’s 3 miles in 28:14.  Here was the view as I was heading out:


Today is our last full day here in Kauai and I was realizing that I have done very little exploring and beach wandering.  So, much of the rest of the morning (after my run) and the early afternoon was spent wandering along the shore exploring and picking up interesting this’ and thats.

Today’s haul:


I made sure there was nothing alive in these before I removed them from the ocean, so no need to worry.

Other interesting finds:


The ever elusive golf ball of the sea


Hide and Go Seek crab


And this guy scared the be-jeezus out of me!! I thought he was dead until he scurried away, clicking his claws at me.


I haven’t a clue what this is but they were everywhere on the rock outcrop I was exploring.  I had to watch my step.


I love finding beach glass but most of the pieces that I came across today were not quite “ripe”. I make sure to throw pieces like these back in the ocean so that they can “cook” a little bit longer. 


Fishing in Kauai is WAY different than fishing in Alaska.  In Alaska, you stand hip-deep in a freezing, and very fast moving river. In Kauai (i am learning) you cast out into the ocean, stick your pole in the sand, and then nap in your car.  I have been doing this wrong for years!


Dead eel.  I should have given him mouth-to-mouth — he might have pulled through.

Well, that’s all I have for you today.  The next time I post, I will be back home in the AK.  As sad as I am to leave this beautiful place, it will be nice to be home.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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