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Kauai: Today’s Workout, Lazy Day #2, and Gorgonzola Stuffed Chicken

May 10, 2013

I made a friend while wandering the beach yesterday:


He wasn’t looking so good on the flip side:


Poor lil guy!

The science nerd in me always gets a kick out of finding nifty things like this.  I also got excited when I saw a huge log washed up on shore and I knew that it had to have floated thousands of miles to end up right there in front of me.

Yeah, I’m a real hit at parties!

Workout — May 10, 2013

Another sun rise workout was in order for me today.  I grabbed my bag of workout goodies and headed out the door and into the sun that was on it’s way up.  This morning I used the jump rope that I brought along as well as the resistance band and resistance tube. Here is today’s workout:


3 rounds in I heard a weird popping sound coming from the resistance band that I was using.  Thank goodness I spotted this in time:


That’s a black eye and busted lip waiting to happen!

This guy went promptly into the trash — thank you dynaband, you served me well!

I spent some time in the sun today, first enjoying the absolute beauty that is the ocean side beach.  Once it got a little too windy there, we packed up our things and headed to the pool where we soaked up some more rays.  Yes, we were all slathered in SPF and I even spent some time under one of those huge umbrellas!

Dinner — May 10, 2013

I am on dinner duty tonight so I threw together these yummy Gorgonzola stuffed chicken breasts:


They aren’t even cooked and they are looking tasty — bacon has that effect on….everything!

This is a dish that I have made before and you can find the original recipe here.  For tonight’s dinner I basically used what I could scrounge up in the fridge.  In a small bowl I mixed the Gorgonzola cheese, garlic, salt, pepper, and italian seasoning.  I stuffed each chicken breast with the cheese mixture and some fresh basil.  I made sure to season the outside of the chicken before I wrapped it in the delicious, delicious bacon.

I then baked it in a 35o degree oven for about 35 minutes and then broiled on high for about 10 minutes to crisp up the bacon:


I know, I know — I am well aware of the serious lack of vegetables on this plate!!  It’s killing me too!!

The pasta on the side is leftovers from last nights dinner.  So tasty but I sadly don’t have the recipe to share with you.

Me = Lame!

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