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Two Dinners

May 2, 2013

Dinner — May 1, 2013

I was on my own last night because Joe was off doing nerdy things with some coworkers — you know, sitting in front of computers, playing games and eating terrible food!

My super awesome boss was kind enough to send me home with AMAZING stuffed bell peppers that she made for her family the night before:


I did a quick Pinterest search for the recipe in hopes of sharing this awesome-ness with you guys but I couldn’t find the exact one.  She wrote it down for me a while back so when I do find it I will be sure to share it with you!

You can’t beat a free dinner, especially one you didn’t have to cook!

Workout — May 2, 2013

I took my as-of-late usual two classes this morning.  The first class was fairly light except for when it came time to work the arms and shoulders.  The 110 push up burpees that I did yesterday weren’t going to let me off so easily — I could barely keep those dumbbells in the air!!  There were many times that I had to drop my arms and shake them out but I made sure to hop right back in after only a few seconds rest.

It was a rough 15 minutes but I made it through.

The cross training class that followed was also a tough one.  We had 4 rounds of circuit to complete but what made it even harder was the instructor (who, mind you, is an athlete in tip-top shape) did the circuit also.  He was the last person to start and made it his mission to catch up to and pass each and every one of us.  I was the second person to start the circuit, behind Joe, and though he got close, we wasn’t able to pass us!!

Side note: I, however, did catch up to and pass Joe.  Wut wut!!

The rest of the day was crazy busy for me — work, studying, errands (and more errands), more work, and then home to make dinner.

Dinner — May 2, 2013

This recipe, turns out, is Paleo and I didn’t even know it:

IMG_6916Chicken and artichoke hearts over spaghetti squash

This is my second bout with making spaghetti squash and I would have to say that this time turned out so much better.  I must have really undercooked it the last time, because this time it tasted a lot different.  This dish has a bit of a tang to it due to the artichoke hearts and the lemon juice that the recipe calls for.  That tartness paired with the sweetness of the squash makes for a seriously delicious (and pretty darn healthy) meal.

I have the recipe (but it’s all the way over in the kitchen – what, me lazy?) so I will be sure to share it with you tomorrow!  You’re going to love it, I promise!

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