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Wasn’t Feelin’ It.

April 30, 2013

I woke this morning without much of a fuss – well, if you don’t include Sadie puking on the rug.  I ate breakfast, enjoyed some coffee, and basically got ready for the day that would be.  I was feeling alert and awake and I was looking forward to the 2 hours that I was going to be spending at the gym.

That is until I was in the car and driving there.

All of a sudden a wave of exhaustion and tiredness hit me that I have yet to shake it off.

Sigh.  It’s too early in the week to be run down!

Workout — April 30, 2013

Today’s Wake Up Call class was a bit on the light side.  Usually I am leaving there with shoulders, legs, or abs that are on fire but today she took it kind of easy on us.  With as worn out as I was feeling, though, I can’t say that I minded.  We did try a new way to squat though, that I thought was pretty cool.  You place a set of dumbbells (or really anything stable) on the floor about shoulder width apart.  Place your heels on the weights as if you are wearing high heels and do your squats that way.  This exercise works a whole new set of squat muscles which was pretty cool to feel working.

I am going to have to add these types of squats to my workouts in the future!

For today’s cross training class we did an hours worth of speed and agility drills with some treadmill running/sprints, stair runs, and body weight exercises.  I really didn’t want to finish the class — my mind was telling me it was ok to stop and my body was reminding me just how tired I was.  I did, however, manage to just put my head down, get through the workout, and finish all the way to the end.

I wasn’t feeling today’s workout by any means but I still finished and I am proud of that!

Lunch — April 30, 2013

I had a lot of running around to do this afternoon.  One of my stops was at the grocery store because our fridge is desperately low on fresh produce.  While at the store, I took a pass through the salad bar where I absolutely filled up on lettuce, spinach, and a TON of delicious toppings:


I promise there is lettuce under all that fresh goodness!  The thought that all this food went into my stomach was a little worry-some yet, though I was satiated, I didn’t feel stuffed or lethargic when I was done.  And the best part, I wasn’t ravenous by the time I got home — this is usually the case and, if I am not careful, I will eat and eat and eat anything in my wake before dinner even hits the table.

I like the thought of all that nutritious food fueling my achy body.

Well, this tired gal needs to get some sleep.  8:30pm isn’t too early for bed is it?

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