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A good Saturday

April 27, 2013

Breakfast — April 27, 2013

Remember that batch of overnight oats I mentioned last night?


Okay so maybe, just maybe, this looks more like a bowl of slop than a delicious breakfast but looks can be deceiving.  As breakfast is my hands-down favorite meal of the day it is always nice to wake up and have breakfast waiting for me in the fridge when I wake up.  The recipe for these peanut butter overnight oats comes from Julie over at Peanut Butter Fingers – you can find the recipe here.

Typically I would top these oats with some berries or fruit but we are running low on the fresh produce up in here.  I did add a splash of rice milk and a spoonful of ground flax seeds and stirred it all together before eating.

Super yum!

I also enjoyed a hot cup of Pumpkin Spice Coffee:


I was over joyed when Joe brought a box of this amazing-ness home last night.  We had a box of this over the holidays and I assumed that, it being “limited edition” I wouldn’t see it on the shelves until the holidays rolled around again.  Mmmmm, the smell brought me right back to Christmas time!!  Apparently Lowes is the place that is hoarding all the fancy Keurig cups — if you are on the look out, check there!

Workout — April 27, 2013

This mornings cross training class took a bit of a turn.  Our usual Saturday instructor couldn’t make it so our Tuesday/Thursday instructor stepped in at the last moment.  Typically on Saturdays, the instructor will set up a circuit for us to do and that’s about it.  Some coaching here and there but other than that not a whole lot of interaction.  Our Tuesday/Thursday instructor has really been coming into his own lately (which has been sort of cool to witness) — when he started out teaching several months ago, he was quiet and seemed to always be coming up with the workouts on the fly.  These last few weeks, he has been prepared with all sorts of circuits, obstacle courses, and intervals and he has been shouting out encouragements the entire time.

For today’s class, he set up one of his famous “obstacle courses” which included wall balls, dead lifts, burpees, bench jumps, pull ups, squats, and shoulder presses.  Our next circuit included ropes, sprints, and stair runs.  For the last 15 minutes of class, we did 45 second intervals which were centered around the BOSU.  It was a killer class!!

After showering at the gym, we rushed over to Great Harvest Bread Company for our Saturday morning breakfast sandwiches which are a bit of an indulgence but I consider my 1/2 sandwich my lunch for the day and I typically don’t eat again until dinner.  As long as I can keep the snacking at bay (which can be difficult on the weekends) I don’t worry too much about eating these once a week.

(insert picture of an absolutely yummy sandwich with bacon, eggs, cheese, and bacon on delicious toasted, fresh bread here!)

The rest of the day is going to consist of laundry, cleaning house, wedding to-do’s, and exercising this mutt:


oh so sassy and oh so not impressed with my picture taking!

I hope you guys are enjoying your weekend and that you are staying healthy and happy.  Keep fighting the good fight!

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