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Sunny Friday and some crafting time!

April 26, 2013

Sunny, yet there is still a chill to the air.  I took Sadie out for a walk this afternoon and I got a sure sign that spring has sprung:


Muddy paws — I guess it is time to start keeping a towel by the front door again!  Break up, spring time in Alaska when all the snow is melting, is not the prettiest time of the year here in Alaska.  The melting snow not only creates mud, it reveals the trash and piles of dog poop that have been covered with snow over the winter.  Soon enough, though, the grass will turn green and the city will be busy cleaning up and preparing for summer.


Workout — April 26, 2013

All last night I was throwing around ideas of what I wanted to do for today’s workout.  I considered doing an Insanity DVD but Joe gets grumpy with me jumping around the living room at 6am while he is trying to get his beauty sleep in the next room.  I thought that I would do some lifting but I knew that tomorrow’s workout is going to be a tough one so I settled on my old friend cardio.  Here is what I did:

Elliptical 10 minutes

Run 1 mile (9:43)

Bike 10 minutes

Run 1 mile (9:01)

Step Mill 10 minutes

Run 1 mile (8:26)

This is always a good way for me to get some mileage done on days when I really don’t want to trudge along on the treadmill.  It breaks things up and keeps things interesting.

After I was done at the gym, I rushed home for a quick shower and then I was back out the door for a 9am chiropractor appointment which couldn’t have come at a better time.

A couple days ago, Joe and I took Sadie out for a run on our bikes in hopes of burning off some of her pent up energy.  I was on Joe’s bike which has been outfitted with winter tires (metal studs in the tires).  Turns out, these studded tires work great on ice but when on wet pavement, are bad news.  I ate concrete and I ate it hard — hit my hip and my elbow, but thank goodness my chin was there to take the brunt of the trauma (did you catch that sarcasm?)  Because of this hard hit, my neck and low back have been seriously out of whack.  It is the weirdest thing, though, I don’t have a bruise or a scratch on me.  Apparently I am Superman!

Lunch — April 26, 2013

There were a few Paleo meatlballs left over from last nights dinner which I had for lunch today as well as a really big green salad:


For many, many years when I would make a salad for myself, I would tear up some lettuce leaves, throw some dressing on it, and call it a salad.  I was happy eating just lettuce and dressing and didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything.  I think a part of it was that I really didn’t want to take the time to chop and slice all the rest of the veggies that would normally accompany the lettuce — so basically laziness on my part.

In the last year or so, I have begun to take the time to really make up a decent salad.  Today’s, for example, included romaine lettuce, spinach, carrots, onions, and baby bell peppers — a collection of flavors and textures that came together for one delicious meal!!

Craft Time

I may have said this a while back but if I could choose the perfect workday it would be being paid to workout for part of the day and the rest of the day I would craft for hours and sell my handmade goods across the world.

I have had little time to do anything craft lately but I did find myself with a little extra time this afternoon.  I knew it was time to get rid of one of my most favorite shirts:

IMG_6885(somebody just HAS to be the center of attention)

I had hulked out of this shirt one too many times which set it on a straight path to the garbage:


Then it dawned on me that I should reuse the fabric and transform it back into some wearable which is exactly what I did.  After some cutting, stretching, braiding, and sewing I ended up with an infinity scarf:


Not too shabby for 30 minutes of crafting!

I made sure to wear my newly minted scarf out on the town this evening.  I met up with friends of mine downtown for some pre-vacation pedicures (did I mention that I am going out of town next week?  More on that later.) After we were done drying we walked a few blocks over to a local restaurant where I ordered one cocktail and a salad for dinner.  I knew that I would be going out this evening so I made sure to keep my meals and snacks to a minimum all day just in case I went a overboard while out to eat.  I think I did pretty good today and I will count this as one of my 5 days of healthy eating.

I have a cross training class in the morning and I have to prep a batch of overnight oats before I can crawl in bed.


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