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April 15, 2013

Workout — April 14, 2013

I got that 4 mile run in yesterday like I was hoping.  It was a little rough having a gut full of brunch sloshing around while I ran but it is just something you have to deal with sometimes.

I had a plan in mind for these 4 miles where I was going to change up the pace every 1/2 mile to not only keep me from getting bored but to also push my pace a little.  Here is what I did:


I still had some time to kill before I needed to leave the gym, so when I was done with the 4 miles, I walked for 15 minutes at a 4.0 pace at a 5% incline.

It didn’t hurt that Gladiator was playing on the TV — I was pretty caught up in that movie the whole time!

Dinner last night was not worth a picture but I ate some left over roasted vegetables and a small spinach salad with balsamic dressing.  Mmmmm….I love veggies!

Workout — April 15, 2013

I woke up groggy but determined to have a great morning at the gym.  Breakfast was some PB toast with chia seeds, Bob’s Red Mill hot cereal topped with fresh fruit and walnuts, and some coffee.

I started off today’s workout with 10 minutes of incline walking and then got to work setting up today’s circuit:


So here is how it goes: run 1 mile, then complete 2 rounds of the first circuit.  Run another mile and then 2 rounds of the second circuit.  And finally, run 1 mile and then 2 rounds of that last circuit.  No boredom here!!

Here are my mile times:

mile 1 = 8:59

mile 2 = 8:22

mile 3 = 9:42

As you can see, I really slowed down on that last mile.  This is because about 1/2 way through this workout, it was abundantly clear that my body was exhausted.  I can only assume that I am just worn out from my daily workouts and my body just didn’t have much left in the tank.  Hopefully a good nights sleep tonight will make sure that I am fresh and alert for the 2 classes that I have planned for tomorrow morning.

Over and out!

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