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April 11, 2013

It didn’t work.


I had hoped that a little blogging accountability magic would work its wonders on me but alas, it did not.

In yesterdays post I stated that I was going to try and make it back to the gym after work for a 4 mile run.  As the hours ticked by at work, the list of things that needed to get done last night continued to build.  At some point I knew that a two-a-day was not in the cards for me and I went home to tackle those to do’s.

In the end, it is probably for the best that I went home when I did — we had a lot to do and pushing it back for an hour so that I could run would have made a late night even later.

Breakfast — April 11, 2013

I was up extra early this morning so that I could attend the class that happens right before the cross training class.  I knew that I needed some extra calories to keep me going strong through the 2 hours I was about to spend at the gym so along with my usual PB toast with chia seeds (one of the great loves of my life) I had a bowl of Bob’s Red Mill Hot cereal.  I topped the cereal with some kiwi, strawberries, and sunflower seeds:


It definitely filled me up and kept me going strong at the gym!

Workout — April 11, 2013

Like I mentioned, I made it to the gym just in time for an early morning Body Blaster class — well, on the schedule the class is called Wake Up Call but it was somewhat similar to a Body Blaster class that I tried several months ago.  I am glad that I gave this class a second try because having a different instructor made all the difference.

The class started out with a lot of step touches and jumping jacks but after the initial warm up, we busted out the weights and got after it.  The class was full of lots of squats, push ups, crunches, and presses.  I wouldn’t say that the class was crazy intense or all that difficult but it was still an extra 60 minutes of workout that I got in today.

As for the cross training class — we had a lot of fun!!  The gym finally purchased some new equipment and we played with all of them!  We used the new metal boxes for box jumps, a much bigger and heavier rope, sand bags for cleans and squats, and – what I am most excited about – the brand spanking new wall balls! I have been wanting to try these out for the longest time and was so excited when I walked into the gym and saw them piled in the corner.

I was feeling great (and ravenous) when I left the gym this morning and I plan on attending both classes as often as possible.  I think by doing the 6am class, I was much more awake and ready to work by the time the 7am class was starting.

All in all, it was a great day at the gym!

Dinner — April 11, 2013

Dinner has yet to make it to the table tonight but I wanted to share with you all how serious we are about grilling in this household:

IMG_6844“Hi Mom!”

Dinner tonight is going to be grilled steaks and squash — can you tell we are ready for this winter business to be over and done with?


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