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April 5, 2013

I forgot to post this at the beginning of the month:

IMG_6820every damn day!

Another good month!

Breakfast — April 5, 2013


I have ventured away from my usual breakfast of PB toast and hot cereal these last few days.  Greek yogurt took the place of the hot cereal and, interestingly enough, I noticed a difference in this mornings workout — I got hungry much sooner and by the time I was done with the cardio, I was exhausted and wanted to go home.

Interesting how the body needs time to adjust to a change in calorie intake.

Workout — April 5, 2013

As I just mentioned, today’s workout started off with a variety of cardio:


The good thing about these 45 minutes is that they were over in no time!

It was at this point that I felt absolutely drained, but rather than allowing myself to get talked out of the rest of today’s workout I pushed on and completed this 2-part circuit workout:


As you can see, the first part is a 7 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) and the second part is a timed interval workout — 10 seconds rest, 50 seconds work for 3 rounds.

Again, due to the nature of this workout and how it is constantly changing, it was over super fast and I never got bored.

Workout success!

Lunch — April 5, 2013

Lunch today consisted of last nights leftovers:


Actually, this is an exact copy of what I had for dinner: salsa chicken and spinach salad.  This is one of my most favorite ways to cook chicken in the crock pot — 4 chicken breasts, 1 jar salsa, 1 packet of taco seasoning.  Throw all that in the crock pot and cook on low for 8 hours.  Shred and serve — super simple!

I am on a spinach salad kick lately and I have recently found a new dressing that I can’t get enough of:


Dinner — April 5, 2013

At the beginning of April, I quickly jotted down some goals that I would like to continually work on for this month, one of which was try a new Paleo-ish recipe every week.  I say Paleo-ish because I haven’t gone out of my way to hunt down ingredients that comply with the Paleo recipes that I am trying, so I do the best I can with the recipes.

Tonight’s recipe came out of Paleo Slow Cooking by Chrissy Gower which has been getting a lot of use these last few weeks.  Dinner tonight was BBQ Apple Chicken:

IMG_6824so much tastier than it is pretty!

I am a sucker for anything that involves apples and this recipe did not disappoint.  I think this recipe will soon be in regular rotation in this household!

Dress Shopping:

I was able to check yet another item off of our wedding to do list — I tried on, picked out, and purchased a dress today!  I should mention that I am not the type of chick who has been planning her wedding since she was a little girl not to mention I am not a big fan of shopping.

This lack of love for shopping is only made worse when I have to shop with other people (which is essentially what you are doing when you shop for a wedding dress).

I was absolutely dreading today’s appointment and by the time we arrived at the bridal store, I had sweated through my shirt and sweater (i’m a delicate flower don’t ya know).

I had a group of friends in attendance as well as my mother and sister.  These groups of people represent different areas of my life so having them all come together was a little stressful for me.  Going in to today, I was nervous about everyone getting along and not stepping on each others toes.  Thankfully everything worked out well and I am so glad that I had all of them there with me.

I think I tried on about 10 dresses (ugh!) and finally chose the best one for me.  I can’t say that I would ever want to do all of that fuss and hassle again, but for today, it was perfect!

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