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Food and more food

March 29, 2013

Dinner — 3.28.2013

Last nights dinner came straight out of the oven and was pretty darn good:


I’m not sure where my brain was last night because it didn’t dawn on me to make any sides for this meal (except for the carrots that are cooked with the roast) so after we ate what was on our plate, we busted out the box of triscuits and some rondele cheese to round out the meal.  I will be sure to plan better for tonight’s dinner!

Breakfast — 3.29.2013

I rolled out of bed a little after 5 this morning and, as is typically the case, I was pretty hungry.  I immediately got to work in the kitchen where I cooked up a quick batch of Bob’s Red Mill hot cereal.  As that was cooking I prepped the coffee pot (mmmmm, coffee) and made some peanut butter toast.  The cereal was ready in under 10 minutes and I topped it with fresh strawberries, pumpkin seeds, and a little bit of brown sugar:


I also added a dash of rice milk for smoothness.  Oh, how I love breakfast — my most favorite meal of the day! Everyday!

Workout — 3.29.2013

After enjoying a hot cup of coffee, I was out the door and headed to the gym to get the sweat flowing.  I started off on the stationary bike where I pedaled away for 20 minutes.  From there I spent the next 20 minutes doing sprint intervals on the treadmill.  Here is how it went:


(what can I say, I love all things Easter)

40 minutes of sweating is always a great way to start the day!

After a quick shower, I was back in the car and headed to a meeting (really more like coffee talk) to talk about flowers for our wedding.  Since money is tight, we are pulling in a lot of favors from our nearest and dearest which is why we are going through a friend of a friends for our flowers.  With things such as these I am pretty laid back and sort of “whatever’s clever” so I pretty much just showed her some pictures of arrangements that I liked and that was about it.

I had about an hour to kill before Joe and I met with the bakery about our cake so I stopped by Fromagio’s new location and ordered a crispy prosciutto sandwich and a cup of tomato and red pepper soup for dipping:

IMG_1482(yeah, I snagged a bite before to took a pic!)

Fromagio’s is a local artisan cheese shop that Joe and I are big fans of.  They are open for lunch and offer a variety of hot/cold sandwiches and salads.  This is my go-to meal when I eat there and it is a winner every time!

Next stop was the cake shop where we had a brief meeting to discuss costs.  No cake tasting this time because the owner is actually out of town for her own wedding, so we are going to go back in the next few weeks to actually decide what we want for the big day.

I am a little horrified at how much things are going to cost us for just one day out of our lives, but I am certain that we will look back on the wedding one day and just know that we wouldn’t have changed a thing.

Now, have I won the lottery yet?


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