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Finally! Thank Goodness!

March 28, 2013

Those 3 words and 2 punctuations pretty much sum up how I was feeling during cross training class this morning.  Before we get to all that jazz, we are going to take a quick peek at last nights dinner.

Dinner — 3.27.2013

I swung by Target yesterday after my, much needed,  crack-o-practor appointment to grab some office supplies.  Target is still fairly new here in Anchorage so I still get a little excited every time I walk through those automatic doors.  As I was browsing all that Target has to offer (because let’s be honest, it is impossible to not waste 2 hours while you are there) I came across a package of potato, tomato, spinach gnocchi:


It was too beautiful and too tasty-looking to pass up so in my cart it went for a dinner a few days down the road.

My first experience with gnocchi was at a local restaurant.  I had no clue what it was and, really not wanting anything on the menu, went with it because it sounded the most like pasta.  I am so glad that I did, because it was so delicious.  The chewy texture has to be my favorite part about this dish.

Joe and I had planned to make a roast for dinner but by the time we were both home and in the kitchen it was too late to get that started.  Quick thinking, then dinner was in the works; I cleaned, chopped , and roasted some brussell sprouts and then cooked the gnocchi in a pot of boiling, salted water.

If I had had more of a chance to plan, I would have liked to try and make a light sauce to top the gnocchi but instead went with a jar of spaghetti sauce that was in the cupboard:


Quick and easy and absolutely delicious!

Workout — 3.28.2013

If you have been reading for a while you may have noticed a sudden change in the way I have been reporting the Tuesday/Thursday cross training class.  Though I am appreciative that the class has been able to continue after all of the hoopla with the various instructors, I was really starting to get bored with the class.  There are only so many weeks in a row that a person can do 1 minute intervals and stair runs for an hour at a time.

Even though the exercises changed frequently, I was still finding myself bored with the workout and thinking that even I could come up with something more interesting (so very arrogant on my part, i know).

Well today’s class was a happy, happy surprise and a very welcomed change of pace.  After our usual warmup of jump ropes and body weight exercises, we hopped on the treadmill for some incline walking and sprints.  Next we fought the dreaded stairs – running up and down, up and down 6 times.  Next (and this is the fun part) we were put through the paces of what I can only describe as an obstacle course.  Jump roping, weight pulls, bench jumps, pull ups, push ups, farmer carry, box jumps and bear crawls.

All that x2!

Oh it was a good time — lots of sweating and pushing through exhaustion just to finish!

After that we did another, shorter “obstacle” course and then, after some brief stretching, called it a day.

Not only was I 100% engaged and enthusiastic, but the hour absolutely flew by!

I sure hope we keep things new and exciting in the future!

I worked most of the morning, and, after dropping Sadie off at doggy daycare, I stopped into my usual study spot and got lots of studying done:


I got home early enough to get that roast started and it is already making the house smell A-Mazing!  Tonight, Joe and I are off to Target (yup, second day in a row for me!) where we are going to register for some wedding gifts.  We figured Target was a good place to start because it is affordable and has just about everything one could ever need (i wonder what the etiquette is for registering for sports bras!?).  We are also planning on registering at Pier 1 Imports and a local home/cooking store — time to spruce up this kitchen!!

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