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Weekend Wrap Up

March 24, 2013

No post from me yesterday….what a loser. I have a valid excuse, I do, but an excuse is still just that….an excuse.

Yesterday was the second day of our state gymnastics meet so I was up at 5am (to get my workout done) and then coaching until about 8pm.  Long, long Day.

Breakfast — 3.24.2013

Friday night, I prepped some overnight oats before going to bed.  I used this recipe from Julie (a fellow peanut butter addict) over at Peanut Butter Fingers.

(I had a photo of said overnight oats but somehow managed to delete it — use your imagination)

I topped the oats with 1/2 of a banana and some pumpkin seeds as well as a splash of rice milk.  This was my first time using this recipe and I have to say, I am a fan!!  I will certainly be making it again soon, perhaps even tonight!

Workout — 3.24.2013

After breakfast, I packed everything that I was going to need for the day and headed to the gym.  Knowing how these competitions tend to, I knew there would be no way that I was going to get a workout in if I didn’t do it bright and early in the morning.

I started out on the treadmill where I complete a quick, 25 minute incline interval workout.  Here is how it went:


After I was done on the treadmill, I did a great interval circuit workout.

One of my birthday presents was a replacement Gym Boss interval timer.  Many, many months ago, mine kicked the bucket so I was excited to use my new one!


….this is me we are talking about…..

…..and I forgot it at home!!

I made it work by using the stop watch on my iPhone.  Here is the workout:


For this workout, you rest for 10 seconds/work for 50 seconds — do this for three rounds of each section which equals a killer, 27 minute workout.  I made it even more exciting by playing around with a variety of weights.  For example, on the first round of Push Presses I used a 60 pound barbell – for the second round, a 50 pound barbell – and for the third round, a 40 pound barbell.  And on the first round of the Sumo Squat + High Pull I used a 30 pound kettle bell – second round, a 25 pound dumbbell – and on the third round, a 20 pound kettle bell.

I am a fan of this workout so I may have to revisit it again in the near future — I was dripping with sweat from the beginning!  It was great!

After a much needed shower, I headed to the coffee shop and bought myself a 16oz drip coffee:

IMG_1463Ready to hit the road!

The competition was held at a high school about 35 minutes out of town.  I took my time driving because we had quite a bit of snow coming down and it can get pretty slick:


At least it was a pretty drive!

I was at the competition all day and once it was over, I met Joe at our friends house where we ate dinner and discussed wedding details.

My dear friend has sort of taken on the role of wedding planner and Joe and I are more than OK with that.  We need someone to tell us, “hey, you need to get this and this done by next week” and “call such and such to get an estimate for your budget.”  She is extremely detail oriented and organized so I think, for the most part, it is going to be smooth sailing.

I know, I say that now….

I have helped plan several of my friends weddings but man, it is so very different when it is your own.  I actually have to make decisions on this one!

With the dinner/wedding talk it was a very late night after a very long day but at least wine was involved (at dinner not at the competition!) which made it a little more tolerable.

Today, I had a meeting in the morning and I had planned to go to the gym before-hand but I managed to sleep WAY past the time I needed to wake up to make that happen.  I then planned on going after the meeting but it ran much longer than it was supposed to (surprise, surprise) so I went home instead to help Joe clean up around the house and to start laundry.

I then planned on going out to the trails to ski and using that as my workout today, but right now, the thought of going out in the cold makes me really, really sad so I don’t think that is going to happen.

See what happens when you let life get in the way of your workout!!??  It is a slipper slope!

As part of our wedding planning “homework” (as my friend is now calling it) Joe and I had some research to do.  We spent some time online looking at rings and cakes in order to get ideas about what we like/don’t like as well as how much it is going to cost.  We got our “homework” done and now have plans to meet with the baker and to plug these items into our budget worksheet.

Well, it is already 6pm and I have yet to workout today.  I think the simplest solution (other than not doing anything which is not going to happen) is to throw together a quick core circuit workout and then get ‘er done.

My motivation is awfully low and this recliner is awfully comfy — better get moving while I still stand a chance!!

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