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Spring, eh?

March 21, 2013

Yesterday was the first day of spring.  Apparently someone forgot to inform Anchorage, AK:


A simple equation:

28 + 32 + 28 +32 = the amount of water, in ounces that I consumed yesterday! (120 oz) Pretty damn good considering a gallon is 128 oz.

Last night, for my friends birthday, we met at a local restaurant for dinner and drinks and then hurried over to the movie theater to catch The Incredible Burt Wonderstone.  I loved the movie, but I am a sucker for Steve Carell and Jim Carrey.  I was snickering and giggling the entire time with a few, full-on “LOL’s” (as the kids are saying these day).  It was a good time!

Workout — 3.21.2013

This mornings cross training class was fairly typical; 1 minute intervals, lots of stair running, some lifting.  These last few days, I have been feeling pretty run down, but for the most part this morning, I was feeling more like myself.  I had more energy and stamina so a tough workout was exactly what I was hoping for!  The instructor, Joe, and I got to talking about CrossFit this morning (did I mention that Joe and I were the only ones to show up for class?) and it just reminds me how badly I want to try my hand at it.  I have been reading a lot of blogs lately about people who are doing the CrossFit Open workouts in preparation for the CrossFit games and I always flash with jealousy that I am not in the financial position to join in.  The desire is there but the burden of the cost is standing in my way.

So very frustrating!

The rest of today was spent working and studying with a trip to Denali Winery with some girlfriends.  Denali Winery is a local winery where you can sample a vast assortment of wines, find one (or 12) that you like and then you can make an entire batch of wine.  My gal pals and I have made several batches of wine over the years and we always have a great time sampling wines while we snack on finger foods and catch up.

A good way to (almost) end a busy week!

Tomorrow is looking to be a little hectic so that means I need to make sure I get my workout done in a timely manner.

Goodnight all!

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