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March 18, 2013

Oh work week, I am so not ready for you.  I just need one more day to recover from a busy week and a hectic weekend.  At the very least, give me a head start on the piles of laundry that have taken over the bedroom.

Workout — 3.17.2013

I woke up super sore from Saturday’s workout and couldn’t bring myself to head out in the cold for the gym.  Instead I threw together this AMRAP workout:


AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) workouts mean you have an allotted time (in this case, 20 minutes) to complete as many rounds of that workout as possible.  I was able to complete 4 rounds of this workout befor the time was up.  It has been a while since I have done an AMRAP and I forgot how fun they can be.  You just go go go until the time runs out!

Final Birthday Dinner — 3.17.2013

Late last night (my family is notorious for being late eaters — more out of necessity than choice) finally had the chance to get together and celebrate my birthday — which was almost a month ago!  Every year my mom calls me and asks what meal I want to have for my birthday dinner and really, it is a wasted phone call.  I have asked for the same birthday dinner for eons now and I never get tired of it!  Perhaps my mom is hoping that I will want something new, who knows.

So last night, we had wilted-leaf lettuce salad (a salad consisting of lettuce, hard boiled eggs, bacon, onions with a warm dressing made by mixing white vinegar with hot bacon grease — so much more delicious than it sounds), home made spaghetti, and garlic bread.

Yes, an Italian meal on an Irish holiday!


The best part about my moms spaghetti is that she doesn’t have a recipe that she uses each time she makes it, so every batch of sauce is different.  She sort of just throws a bit-of-this and a bit-of-that until it is to her liking.  I have yet to venture into the scary world of home-made spaghetti sauce but I hope to take that step some day.

And some Guinness for St. Patrick’s Day:


It was a late night but a good one!  I love my crazy family.

Well, it is time to embrace Monday whether I like it or not.  I guess I should start the week off with a workout — here I go!

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